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Nov 2, 2009 10:42 AM

One Night in Knoxville

I have an overnight in Knoxville on Tuesday (11/3) and am in need of a recommendation for a memorable meal. Cuisine isn't that important; solid wine list and a nice evening with a business colleague is my goal. THanks for any recommendations.

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  1. If you're in an adventurous mood and don't mind driving downtown, you might try Cairo Cafe. I had some of the best lambs chops of my life there.

    1. I strongly recommend Bistro by the Tracks which was by the tracks many years ago. It is now in a new center on Northshore between Papermill and Kingston Pike, near a TGIF. But not anything like a TGIF. Great service and atmosphere. Lovely food. My idea of where to take a colleague that is not casual or too trendy

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      1. re: LGD

        The correct address is

        Located in Brookview Town Centre in the heart of Bearden. Bistro by the Tracks is a true neighborhood restaurant.

        ph. 865.558.9500

        215 Brookview Centre Way
        Suite 109
        Knoxville, TN 37919

        Great will enjoy.

        1. re: Brawny

          Thanks for the suggestions. I saw Bistro by the Tracks online yesterday; great to have Chowhound recommendations, though. Appreciate the responses!

          1. re: Brawny

            Yes, Brawny, that is the correct address but it isn't on the GPS yet so I had a devil of a time finding it. They are only 3 weeks in their new location and no sign either. But the search was worth it.

            I opted for 2 small plates. I love the wedge of iceberg salad and theirs was very tasty. In addition to the traditional ingredients, they added a splash of balsamic reduction and chopped tomatoes. It was also served with a black olive crostini.

            The other small plate was the quail. It was a deboned quail laid out in a butterflied fashion. Very tasty with a raspberry sauce.

            Even though I had eaten enough I wanted to try something from the dessert menu. I chose the cheese platter. It was outstanding. Generous portions of 3 imported cheeses, marconi almonds, quince paste, green apple slices and crostini.

            But the shining star of the evening had to be the dessert wine. It wasn't on the menu yet but my waiter suggested it. Desiree by Rosenblum chocolate infused zinfandel. I will be searching it out and buying a case. Remember how much we loved framboise when it was the new thing? Well, I think this is the new framboise. OMG. I savored the aftertaste all the way back to Maryville.

            The wines by the glass were great.

            Not to mention the decor. It was the usual trendy with dark browns but they had a beautiful Asian print on the fabric in the banquettes. The only thing I don't get is the Asian influence in their logo. This is not an Asian eatery. Perhaps that is what they think is trendy. At any rate, they have been over the top busy. So much for the recession. They have the formula to make it even in this economy.

            1. re: sarah galvin

              I haven't been to Tracks in three years or more. Thanks for your comments....I am compelled to return! Anxious to see their new place. Randy Burelson always does things nice!

        2. My dad lives there and we came for a surprise b-day party and stayed downtown. We went out for dinner at Le Parigo and it was very good.

          Le Parigo
          416 W Clinch Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902

          1. I was impressed by the dinner I had at La Costa on a recent trip. I usually don't even like salmon in restaurants ( I prefer sushi or smoked salmon) but their grilled wild salmon with flash fried spinach was excellent.

            La Costa
            31 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902