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Nov 2, 2009 10:28 AM

Christmas Night Birthday Dinner (LV, NV)

It is my mother's 70th birthday on Christmas Day this year and I am looking for a great dining experience. The majority of us are coming from out of town - any help will be appreciated.

I think she would definately enjoy a french style restaurant over a steakhouse, though we are open to most cuisines. Sushi is out. Fish is great, though she generally does not prefer anything else from the water (shrimp, scallops, etc).

I'm pretty sure her favorite protein is lamb. Does that send us to a steakhouse? If so, which one cooks lamb the best? Which non-steakhouse does a great lamb?

We are not looking for a quiet restaurant per se, however, a loud dining room is right out.

Ultra-modern decor and any kind of new hipness factor would probably be lost on us ...

So to summarize, we are looking for great food, great service, great wine, and a great place for conversation at a table of 8 (ish).



EDIT: Haha. Per the suggestion below - LAS VEGAS.

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  1. Please tell us (in the subject) WHERE it is that you are looking. This Southwest board covers a lot of territory:-)

    1. You might consider Alize or Andres. They are owned by the same chef. Alize has a great view as it is at the top floor of the Palms.

      4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

      1. I would second Andre's or Alize for the kind of atmosphere and food that you are looking for. Also a couple of additional options - Bouchon's at the Venetian will fit both from an atmosphere standpoint and the fact that they do lamb awfully well. Circo at the Bellagio will take you in more of an Italian direction, but their rack of lamb is outstanding (a pecorino/thyme crust), and also excellent service and ambience for your size of party.