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Nov 2, 2009 09:53 AM

Buttermilk? (London, ideally Hackney)

Have started making cheese at home and have come across a few American recipes that use buttermilk as the coagulant. Alas, I can't find it in the neighborhood stores. Any ideas of where it might be? Or what it is called in Turkish or Polish?

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  1. My local Tesco always has buttermilk. I remember my grandmother making her own. It's fairly simple... one just adds lemon juice to regular milk. I'm sure a Google would have some recipes. It is more commonly found in the States.. very commonly used in pancakes.

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      I use milk+lemon= buttermilk for cooking (or more frequently just sub with yogurt), but wikipedia seems to suggest that that traditionally buttermilk is cultured.

      Will check out the tescos near by.

      1. re: relizabeth

        Lots of information there about buttermilk! I don't use it very often, but it makes for a nice salad dressing and some other things such as fried chicken... very American. :-)

    2. I've had no problem getting it in Tesco stores also, even the "Metro" ones.

      1. You might not be finding it because they sell it in pots like single & double cream-- you will find it stocked in that area of your store (not with the milk in a carton as they do in the US). All the grocery chains sell it.

        1. Whole Foods on Stoke Newington Church Street definitely stock buttermilk.

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            I scoured the dairy shelves and didn't see it. Although, I was quite hungover (which precipitated the need for mexican food and queso blanco).

          2. Sainsbury in Camden Town regularly has it. And even most Tesco Extra have it.
            You can find Kefir (caucasian name) or Laben (arabic). But just ask for fermented milk in polish stores and youll find it easily.