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Nov 2, 2009 09:53 AM

J. Webb Market Currie Barracks

Poked into the wine store at the Farmers Market Sunday armed with a list of questions. Busy place, weird shelves but really informative staff. Had a great time buying wine. Anyone had a similar experience? Any thoughts on how long they may be at there current location?

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  1. I'd assume they'd close it up when the Farmer's Market shuts up shop and try to move the license to the new Heritage location. Whatever they do with it, you'll still be able to shop at their original location in Glenmore Landing where I find the selection a bit more interesting. Also, you can get many of the same brands they sell elsewhere for better prices. At Currie, you're paying a bit of a convenience fee.

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      From what I understand J Webb and Wild Rose Brewery will both be moving from their locations. No one is being allowed to stay on the old barracks ground.
      I love shopping at J Webb. It's great to have the tasting bar and the staff is great. You might pay a few dollars more - but they also put together great "packages" of wine.

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        Wild Rose?!? Does anyone know where they are moving?... and do they do all of their brewing on-site at the barracks or do they have another location somewhere I haven't heard about?

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          I think they do all of their brewing on-site at the barracks. I had heard they wanted to move into a larger site...but I'm not 100% it will be where the market is going.
          I also have to agree with Foodkarma. Based on some of my tastes, JW made several wine suggestions...and they were all "spot-on".

    2. I have had similar experiences and that is why I continue to do my wine buying at the market. I have been into the original store but find it quite pretentious. As for the new location I hear it is still up in the air and nothing has been confirmed. It would be a real shame as this location is wonderful.

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        Quite recently I have experienced that "pretentious" glenmore landing wine service. I was accustomed to better service and wine advice at the market store until recently. It seems some of the staff has gone and the products are much different as are the reccomendations which frankly have been awful.

      2. i don't mind jwebb at the market - i have received better service there than the glenmore landing location but still not my fave...i prefer metrovino or 100 wines - exceptional service each visit!

        1. I love the service and experience at J Webb and don't mind paying more for the wine... one of the employees there recommended a wine based on others I like and my taste and it's now become one of my top three wines.

          You get very personalized service there and I like the proximity to the Farmer's Market... I like to support the Market plus it's super close to me... will be sad if the new location is too far.

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            New location was announced month ago- Blackfoot and Heritage.

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              JM are JWebb & Wildrose moving with CFM? I thought they'd be going their own way once Canada Lands kicks everyone out?

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                IMHO I think JW & WR liked the draw of customers that the market provided for them...without any advertising costs on their end. Who could blame them...I would do the same thing.
                We have to be careful not to disparage CL too much. Everyone knew going in 5 years ago that 5 years was it.