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Nov 2, 2009 09:52 AM

Latin American in Crossroads Market (YYC)

I haven't been to the Crossroads market for a few months and as I was walking through the food court looking for something different to eat I noticed a bunch of empanadas on display at a booth. This was the booth across Kaman's pies where they normally sold donairs and other breakfast items that never ever looked appealing to me.

So I take a closer look and lo and behold, they have changed owners and the new owners are from South/Central America (didn't get a chance to ask where). But they had really nice looking empanadas, tamales and something called humicha (sp?). It was something I've never seen before so I had to have it. It's a vegetarian corn and basil stuffed in corn husks (basically like a tamale without meat or flour). Well it was delicious and their Chilean salad that came with it was very fresh and tasty.

The other highlight of the new place were these desserts on the top counter that looked like little cakes rolled in coconut. I asked what they were and apparently they are some unique dessert called Leche condensa (forgive my atrocious spelling, Spanish isn't my forte). Basically a little cake made of rice flour or wheat flour, they have both types, dipped in caramelized condensed milk and rolled in coconut. They were awesome, and surprisingly not too sweet.

It's nice to have more Latin America food options popping up here and I hope this place stays around as there's quite a few other things I want to try from them.

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  1. Humita. It is basically a cornmeal and cheese "tamale". Never had one with basil though.

    Dulce de Leche is a carmelized sweetened milk used in a lot of south and central american desserts.

    Good to know they are at Crossroads, it's good food and usually good value.

    1. I was there this weekend and just noticed the tamales and humitas as well. I would have tried them, but I was eating some incredibly good indian at the time from the place which opened up where the mini donuts stand was. I promised myself to try the tamales next time.