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Nov 2, 2009 09:46 AM

Where Can We Purchase a Pre-Cooked Turkey?

We love Thanksgiving, but we don't love the turkey cooking part! Does anyone know where we can buy a turkey that is already pre-cooked and seasoned, etc? I know there are a few restaurants, but we don't know which ones. Please help! We love making all the sides!
Thank you!

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  1. I've had good experiences with Whole Foods' pre-cooked turkeys--very tasty and good quality. I also like their cranberry-orange relish and some of the other side dishes too.

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      More details please. Do you order it in advance? Can you specify the weight of the bird? What else do they make that's good with Thanksgiving? Pricing?

    2. Where are you located? That might help us point you to a location somewhat near you.

      1. Yes, I second Whole Foods. I have a southern coworker who swears by Popeye's cajun flavored turkey. Never tried it but he makes it sound quite delicious.

        1. I live near the Balducci's in Old Town and they have begun advertising that they will fix your whole Thanksgiving meal, turkey to pie. At least in the Old Town store, they have a desk by the check out that seems to handle all the "take out" orders.

          I get their roasted chicken on a pretty regular basis and it's very good. I recently had some of their pumpkin pie, also good.

          1. Mitsitam, the cafe at the American Indian Museum, does a take-away Thanksgiving dinner, and I think you don't need to order the whole dinner. Might be fun and different -- it sounded good when I looked into it a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure I saw that they're doing it this year, but with a quick search I'm not finding anything useful online about it. I've never done it, just fyi for your research.