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Nov 2, 2009 09:35 AM

Tom Tuesday Dinner - Anyone been recently?

Finally scored a spot at the Tom Tuesday dinner. Anyone been recently? I love the concept, and have been watching the menu. Just wanted to get a few opinions before we head in next week....

Tom Tuesday Dinner
47 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. I haven't seen too many mentions of the place, so I wanted to pass along our experience.

    First, getting in. They take reservations every other Tuesday, starting at 10am. I spoke to the res manager on a different day, and she mentioned that they fill up in about 15 minutes. It's just one of those experiences where you have to dial, redial, redial...until you get through.

    After several attempts, I finally got through, and we took an early slot, 6PM.

    We had some pretty high expectations, but the experience itself was better than we hoped. We were seated as we arrived, and the first course was there within a few minutes of our drinks. 10 course tasting menu.

    Started with scallops. Clean, light, fresh. Great start. Then we had a butter poached oyster. Fantastic, rich, but not over the top. The compressed celery root salad was a great contrast, full of flavor. A really well balanced course. The dish opened rich, and finished of ocean. Really well thought out.

    Third was a hamachi dish, fourth was a tuna belly. The tuna was fantastic.

    Fifth was a gnocchi. My wife's favorite dish of the night. With figs and chestnuts, and white truffles. Sweet and savory. The gnocchi was very light, and really quite flavorful.

    Six = sturgeon wrapped in speck, w/ black truffle. Grape marmelade with it was a nice accompaniment.

    Seven was wood pigeon. First time I've had it, but very much like duck.

    Eight was a porcceta stuff with chirizo. Heaviest dish of the night. Seasoning on the pork was good, but the chirizo was excellent.

    Nice and Ten were desserts. Pumpkin creme brule, Pear gallete. Ginger sorbet.

    Collicio was cooking at the window, with two others on the line behind him. Lots of eye contact with the guests, and you could see him taking his time and pulling everything together.

    Not something we would do every month, but a great, great time. One of, if not the best, meals that I've had in a long, long time.

    Highly recommended.

    Tom Tuesday Dinner
    47 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

    1. We had dinner at Tom's Tuesday on November 10th. They have increased the price to $195 from $150.

      Our 10 course menu included:

      - nantucket bay scallop with matsutake mushroom
      - butter poached oyster with lovage, celery root & american caviar
      - seared hamachi with preserved lemon, cardoosn & sucrine
      - tuna belly with clams, wild fennel, sausage & flageolets
      - columbia river sturgeon with speck, black truffle & concord grape marmalade
      - potato gnocci with white truffle, chestnuts & figs
      - wild scottish wood pigeon with huckleberries & sauerkraut
      - roasted porchette with chorizo, spigarello & perla bianco polenta
      - pear galette with poached cherries & ginger sorbet
      - pumpkin creme brulee with molasses pound cake & brown butter ice cream

      We were majorly disappointed with the freshness of the hamachi and tuna belly. I literally spat out the tuna belly as it had a foul taste (I love sashimi and I know bad fish when I eat it). My favorite dishes were the Sturgeon (although we did not taste any black truffle) and the gnocci. The pork was tough and flavorless and both the desserts were uninspiring.
      The dinner did not live up to our expectations and was not worth the effort we put in to secure the reservations nor the price point. The highlight of the night was being able to watch Tom cook in his open kitchen, meeting Mr. Colicchio and snapping some keepsake photos with him. As an alternative, I highly reccoment the chef's table at Kitchen Counter @ Beacon restaurant (on Thursdays) which was a much tastier and more intimate experience.

      1. Just went a few weeks ago. Its not cheap, but completely worth it. Get there early (we had first seating), ask for the table close to the kitchen and watch the master work his magic. There were so many dishes, I can't remember them, and its fairly irrelevant anyway, b/c he cooks what's in season. We were there for white truffles, and he was pretty generous with them. Its going to be about $400 per with the wine pairing, but I'm already hoping to get there again. BTW, the wines were pretty high end (I figure our group of 4 were poured 3/4 a bottle of some really good montrachet as part of the 8-10 so wines. Run, don't walk.

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        1. re: chefboyardee

          I lucked out and got reservations in a couple of weeks.

          I got a 7pm seating - do you consider that early?

          Also, I think I heard from the reservation person that wine pairing was $105. Is that correct? Are you saying the quality you get with the $105 is worth it? I'm not big on knowing what's better (or at least expensive) wines, but would consider it.

          1. re: mjl242

            Wine cost sounds about right. We passed on the pairings, but would do it if we didn't have obligations post dinner. Definitely not cheap, but we felt it would have been worth it.

        2. Huge Colicchio fan here. I love Craft and have to try this!