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Nov 2, 2009 09:06 AM

Christmas (Eve) Dinner in West London

The in-laws are coming for Christmas for their first trip to London, and we'd like to take them out for a traditional Christmas dinner somewhere in West London--on Christmas Eve.

Any recommendations? Somewhere that won't break the bank, but has some traditional London vibe....


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  1. Where are they coming in from please?

    Many hotels (expensive option) should keep their kitchens open on Dec. 24 evening, but most other places likely to offer a traditional Christmas menu will be closed. A decent pub might well be the answer. If you can narrow "West London" down a bit I'll try to suggest a couple.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      They're coming in from the states.

      Happy to do anywhere in West London, but if you have particular Notting Hill/Westbourne Grove suggestions I'll take them.

    2. If London is anything like my part of the UK, then you might struggle to find a traditional meal on Christmas Eve. I think places assume that folk will be stuffing themselves silly with turkey over the following days. so usually have a turkey-free menu.

      (PS: Yes, I know London is nothing like my part of the UK but you know what I mean)

      1. So much of London empties out on Christmas Eve, that it may be difficult to find something decent that evening. But, I did find this link which lists places that were open on Christmas last year, so perhaps one of them does the same for the night before.

        1. Sorry folks, I totally confused the issue here--we're happy to go somewhere at lunch time rather than dinner time, so I'm sure there will be things open--just trying to stress that it's the 24th we're after with the "eve" bit, not the 25th!

          So, Christmas meals in London....go!

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          1. re: noxrosa

            Yes, you stand a better chance at lunchtime.

            Before anyone else does, I'll suggest Hereford Road:


            For pubs The Scarsdale, or, a little further away, The Dove (good river views) would be good choices:



            These are just my idea of suitable places in general. I'm afraid I have no inside info. on their Christmas plans/menus, so you'll need to call them.

          2. The Stafford London, in St James, would be a lovely spot for Christmas Eve. You could also participate in the annual carol sing in the wine cellar with mulled spirits, You are also close by then to go to the service at St James Palace if you want to be out that late. Book early.

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            1. re: JanePond

              You may already know this, but public transportation is a nightmare from the afternoon of Christmas eve to at least Boxing Day. NO public transportation is running. Taxis cost a fortune and should be booked in advance. This may limit your dining choices as well, unless you have a car (in which case, no problem!). :-)

              1. re: Lake

                The OP was in 2009 - I suspect they are long gone from London.