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Nov 2, 2009 08:49 AM

Need some help for a quick in and out trip

Will be coming into town for a wedding weekend. Unfortunately we will not have much time for stuff outside of the planned events but was wondering where you would recommend breakfast and brunch/lunches? Another option is to run out to a bakery and bring back to the hotel-did this once in San Francisco with Tartine, that was awesome. We are staying near E Superior and Rush so we would want to do things within a decent proximity. Also, would be open to going somewhere memorable for lunch on our way to the airport Sunday.
Finally is there a must do hot dog on the drive into the city from the airport?
Thank you in advance!

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  1. Sunday Brunch at David Burke's, right near you, offers 20 courses for $40. It's at Rush and Ohio, I think. They also have a $10 option for all you can drink Bloody Marys, which are awesome.

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      Thank you, sounds good. Any thoughts as to a Bakery?

      1. re: NYCFORKER

        Well off the beaten track is the surprising Chucks in the south suburbs, looking a bit like a truck stop and with excellent food,