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Nov 2, 2009 08:33 AM

Anything in Long Island City, (restaurant), worth the drive??

Heard there's alot of new places popping up, any good ones??

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  1. I guess this gives me my answer...maybe there's a need in Long Island City??...was looking for a little help from my fellow chowhounds .

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    1. re: wonka

      I agree with Val55 below. La Tournesol is well worth the drive—for their crème brulée alone. I also find their pommes frites amazing (be sure to eat them while they're hot!).

      For me this place has been consistently wonderful. I I have enjoyed every meal I've ever had there.

      If you choose to go during the day, take a walk down to the water afterwards and enjoy Gantry Park. Also, if it's open (I think it's still there—used to open up at noon) check out the tiny Czech/Slovak gift store on Jackson Avenue near 50th Avenue. They have chocolate, puppets and Christmas ornaments—among other things.


      Glendale is hungry...

      50-12 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101

      1. re: Glendale is hungry

        My family used to drive from Richmond Hill to this place for Birthdays etc long ago. Still great. Might be worth a drive for charm, authenticity alone.

    2. I don't know about anywhere new, but IMO Five Star Punjabi is worth the drive.

      Five Star Diner
      13-05 43rd Ave, Queens, NY 11101

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      1. re: jaingmaster

        for a cheap lunch, definitely. And yo won't need dinner either.

      2. From where? I still love Tourensol.

        1. I guess that all depends on how far you are driving...

          1. Depends on the length of your drive :)

            My favorite LIC spots are La Vuelta (Latin Bistro) and Bella Via (Thin Crust Pizza- comparable with most NYC thin crust places). Sweetleaf and Brasil Coffee House (hasn't been open this week- not sure if it's returning) are great spots for coffee.

            So from the not too distant parts of Queens or Brooklyn, these spots are worth it. If you live in Manhattan or far East Queens or any distance more than that, I don't think you'll miss LIC.

            La Vuelta
            10-43 44th Dr, Queens, NY 11101

            Bella Via
            47-46 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101

            Brasil Coffee House
            45-02 23rd St, Queens, NY 11101

            Coffee House
            3714 Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY 11103