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Nov 2, 2009 08:12 AM

Where to get pomegranate molasse in Montréal?

Any idea if it's sold somewhere in the Plateau? Thanks!

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  1. maybe @ "Gourmet Laurier" on Laurier St. ?

    1. Let me know if you find some! I've been looking for it for months. Nothing in the European-style grocery stores in my neighborhood, nothing at Aubut... Doesn't Petit Alep have something like that in their menu, though?

        1. re: mecook

          You can get it at Atwater market, I forget the name of the store, but it's the one with all the hot sauces, the funky pasta, on the street level. I buy the CLIC brand. However, I bot the last 2 bottles on the weekend, wait a couple weeks.

            1. re: bistrobabe

              That is Douceurs de Marche. North East corner of the market building.
              Akhavan on Sherbrooke in NDG will also have it.

          1. Wouldn't Adonis or the Arab shops at JTM carry it? You could also try La Dépense at JTM.

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            1. re: Campofiorin

              My current bottle comes from La Dépense, the bottle before that from the Sauvé Adonis. Course, neither place is on the Plateau.

            2. Not in the plateau, but you can definitely get it at Akhavan, in NDG (Sherbrooke, corner Grand Blvd). It comes in a tall glass bottle. I bought it there recently.