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Nov 2, 2009 07:54 AM

Need DC rec- something similar to Local in Dallas, Texas?

We had an amazing meal at Local in Dallas, TX, over the weekend. I was trying to come up with a comparable DC spot, and couldn't think of a one- besides just making suggestionons based on cuisine type (modern american with a comfort food twist)- has anyone eaten there and know of something similar in DC?

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  1. I haven't eaten at Local but your brief description sounds a little like The Majestic in Old Town Alexandria.

    1. Haven't eaten there, but based on the menu, there are prolly a dozen of those kinda places in DC. I'd throw out Vidalia or Founding Farmers to start

      1990 M St NW # 2, Washington, DC

      Founding Farmers
      1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

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        Local is a serious restaurant. CityZen although the ambience is entirely different. http://www.mandarinoriental.com/washi...

        Also: Volt http://www.voltrestaurant.com/pdf/Din...

        CityZen Restaurant
        1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024

      2. Haven't eaten there, but from your description will also throw in Liberty Tavern in NOVA.

        1. Try Willow in Ballston.