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Nov 2, 2009 07:53 AM

Late Night Cooking

It's almost midnight. I skipped dinner in favor of a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of tea because I had a late lunch. Now I'm hungry, and I just read the post on the Japanese pancake mix, so now what I want is pancakes. I should go to bed, or make some toast, but no, now I have to go make pancakes.

And when they are done I will have a messy kitchen which I will feel bad about leaving, so I will eat said pancakes, clean up and not be in bed before 1:00 am.

Does anyone else feel compelled to do this sort of thing?

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  1. I have been known to make late night breakfasts on the weekends but this is usually related to the number of beverages I've indulged in previously in the evening.

    At least you are making some like pancakes. I once lived with a roommate who would make nasty frozen pizzas and eat pints of ice cream three nights a week late at night. It was not pleasant to wake up to her aftermath.

    1. Well, I have OCD, so, yes, I always have to clean up the dishes once I am finished, if that's what you are asking! I normally give in to cravings too. :)

      1. Some people sleepwalk...I have on occasion got up and made something to eat while asleep. I usually eat about half of it then go back to bed. I never remembered doing it but I do find the half eaten food and the mess the next day.
        Now that I live with someone he has watched me do it and it freaks him out LOL...he says it is best not to get in my way when I'm asleep (as I tend to walk into or over anything in my path) so he just lets me go and do whatever I want as long as I don't leave the house. Thankfully I stay indoors at least!

        1. I have insomnia, and I eat in the middle of the night. I sometimes cook, if I really want something bad enough but mostly I'll eat leftovers from dinner or maybe a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. I'm trying to kick that habit though because it will make you gain weight; it's been three nights since I've roamed. Dishes stay in the sink until morning...I feel like I'm confessing to an addiction (My name is Cheryl and I walk the floor & eat in the middle of the night) (lol)!

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            I have raging insomnia and sometimes when I can't sleep I bake. When i was in high school my parents would wake up to a messy kitchen, a pan of brownies and me sleeping on the couch.

            1. re: lulubelle

              When my kids were little, I used to bake at night also and sometimes prepared the next days dinner. I do get good ideas for food at night (for some reason) and I will grocery shop at midnight as I like that Walmart is not as crowded at that time.

          2. For me it's not so much about cooking as it is mise en place. I'm known for getting out of bed to chop vegetables, shell/dehead/ devein shrimp at all hours of the night...week nights and weekends.

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              I have totally done that when I am trying to cook something in my crockpot. I've chopped vegetables late at night to get it all ready for a crockpot session the next morning!