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spain restaurant on glendale blvd.

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Was thinking about eating here. Any feedback?

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  1. Empanadas are great. House cured olives are too. Not much else that I've had is worth writing home about. They did a face lift recently and the inside is nicer (it wasn't bad before). There is a little grocery from which I buy a lot of good things, like anchovy stuffed olives and cured meats.

    1. Used to live next door, so I know it quite well. Things to try: the sausage in wine tapas, mushrooms in garlic tapas, empanadas, and for dinner get the chicken with onions, or if your with a group, get the paella, fresh and really good.

      1. Admittedly this was a couple of years ago, but when I tried out all the LA tapas joints in one month I was really hoping hole-in-the-wall SPAIN would trump trendoids like Cobras y Matadores and such. (This was before AOC opened, btw.) Unfortch, while the grocery attached to SPAIN was a good find, the restaurant, while cheap and friendly and with exactly the ambiance I love, had lackluster food. I think we had about ten dishes, all recommended by the staff for our chowhound enjoyment -- but only one or two was any good. To my way of thinking if you're doing an encyclopedia of LA tapas, or you live nearby, it's worth trying, but not at all worth a special trip.

        1. i was there 2 months ago, and i was not impressed. (of course being harrassed by the bums in the parking lot didn't exactly set a good mood...) the tapas and the paella were OK, nuttin special. the prices were reasonable, however.

          i'd rather go to la paella - now that's a good place.

          1. I do a grocery stop once a month or so. Olives, cheese, chicken, boquerones. Then I go home and cook real food. The restaurant Spain's food is fine, never had a bad meal but really nothing to phone home about except maybe the paella which is supposed to be the best deal in town.

            1. OK for a neighborhood place. Not really worth a crosstown drive.

              1. Yeah, the grocery (probably an exaggerated term) is good: a variety of Argentinian yerba mate by the pound, guava paste, several kinds of chorizo (Bilbao style?), and saffron caught my eye. I got jamon serrano there, which is Spanish-style prosciutto, and it was excellent on a baguette with sweet butter. I'd tried the same sandwich with TJ prosciutto (ok, should've known better but the jamon serrano is shrink-wrapped too!) and couldn't understand why anyone would recommend such a thing.

                But I got roast chicken once, which had been recommended by a few hounds as cheap and tasty-- it was cheap all right, but greasy and without much flavor.

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                  I realize the original post is old, but I just went there and thought I'd put in a very brief comment: all I had was the saffron chicken paella (shared with friend), and it was nothing special at all. In fact, the chicken was extremely fatty as well as undercooked, and the rice was way too salty.

                  The flan was good, though.