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Nov 2, 2009 07:18 AM

Tommaso's Trattoria on Eastern Avenue

A colleague and I had lunch here on Friday and both agree that Tommaso's is a fantastic addition to the neighbourhood. We both had the pasta & meat combo ($12.00), comprised of gnocchi and meatballs. There were several different choices of both meat and pasta, along with various vegetables. I was eyeing the massive porchetta on display as well. You order at the counter and then take a seat at one of the linen-covered tables. They are licensed too.

400 Eastern Ave, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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  1. I agree 100%. I got some takeout from there for a meeting I was attending on Thursday based on a recommendation I read about on here. I posted more in detail about my experiences in that thread but the food was good value, and very well received by all of those in attendance. I gave the owner my budget and he made up an order of pasta and veal for me and threw in some garlic bread too. He was very nice, the lady working with him seemed very nice too. Nice casual place.

    1. Interesting to hear this. We don't live too far form there, and I've noticed it and wondered what it was like. Thanks for posting.

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        We finally go there today and picked up for lunch. Wonderful choice! We bought 2 paninis (1 sausage, 1 meatball) and a veggie antipasto platter. The sandwiches were so huge that we put 1/2 in the fridge for later, same with the veggies. This is a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood.

      2. Often passed by there, never stopped in. Always curious, thanks for the review!