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Loblaws and Superstore ?

Is it just me or has it become increasingly more difficult to find basic food staples at these stores?
I Yesterday it was extra old cheddar cheese and I was also told that they would no longer be carrying cracked wheat bread. I have not been able to find my cats favourite food either.
Whats the point of going to a destination point to buy all your groceries when you now have to search out the unavailable items?

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  1. The entire NG supply chain suffers from chronic malfunction. It's laughable to find bizarre discrepancies among Loblaws, Superstore and NoSkills outlets. What pisses me off is the attention and floor space lavished on Joe-- the pathetic Mimran schmatte debacle--when the produce sucks and the fish stinks to high hell. The big Mississauga stores' customers are sparse; most use them for take-out food or as monster Mac's Milks. My view? The whole Weston show is circling the drain.

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      Agree entirely. Makes me sad to think of what Loblaws used to be and what it is now. How did they go so wrong? Was it greed? Inexperience in how to expand? With all that money, can they really not find someone to fix up the business? Did they watch the U.S. too closely in terms of the big box stores and think that would work so successfully here? It clearly hasn't or maybe the other options were and are doing it just that much better? I don't know, it's just too bad. Loblaws used to be the best shopping experience, especially when Dave Nichol was there.

      Having said all that, I do have to point out that the Loblaws at Yonge St., just south of York Mills is the exception. I don't shop there that often, partly because I forget it's there but on par with Pusateri's and Longos in many cases with produce and have found some nice things there. But it's is surely the exception in the chain.

      P.S. With regards to the "schmatta", very funny. Did you happen to catch Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags on HBO recently? 1965 U.S. used to manufacture 95% of the clothing sold in U.S. 2008, they manufacture 5% in U.S. Sadly, I don't think we're that far off here in Canada.

      1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

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        Galen Sr and Hillary were touring their beautifully renovated fifty-something year old little store at Bayview & Moore a couple of weeks ago - a store they once expected to close when they opened their big box on Laird. Does this mean anything? Damned if I know. It ain't Wegman's, but they did a really nice job for once. It's very different from the Superstores.

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          Embee, what is, "...their big box on Laird."?

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            I believe embee means the Redway Dr. location.

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              Oh...I was actually there last night. It was almost empty at 8:00. I can't believe that it can actually be making any $$. It's always almost empty.

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          Does that one (Yonge and York Mills) have parking? It vaguely rings a bell... but is Richtree there too?

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            Surface and underground parking with trees growing in the underground. The entire building is made of cedar. That was a one-off store, designed more than twenty years ago to placate the rich and powerful neighbours who didn't want a supermarket sullying their domain. They used to have a Movenpick (pre-Richtree) Marche Lino - which is long gone. There will never be another Loblaw's like that one.

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              The Richtree you are thinking of is at Bayview and York Mills. The Loblaws is on Yonge, about a kilometer south of York Mills. It's one of the "Loblaw Great Food" locations.

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                There used to be a Movenpick, now Richtree at the Loblaws at Yonge and York Mills also, in addition to the Richtree at Bayview and York Mills. I haven't been to the Yonge and York Mills one recently, so I don't know if the Richtree is still there.

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                  Right! Sorry, I forgot about that. It's still there, but I'm not sure it's branded Richtree anymore. They still serve coffee, fresh OJ and have sandwiches and such and a couple tiny tables, I think. I walk past it a couple of times a week but it doesn't register with me, so I blanked. :)

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                    I think the days of Movenpick/Richtree in Loblaws are long gone. Loblaws now makes its own sandwiches, muffins, etc. So, no, there's no Richtree in that Loblaws, not that I saw when last there a couple of months ago, anyway.

          2. Agreed. In fact, I decided this weekend, after failing to find several things on my list, to try and find alternative sources for the few PC products that I'm in the habit of buying to get rid of any hold the Loblaws chain has on my buying habits. I'm fed up.

            1. I agree 100% - every time you turn around the food industry has stopped making something or other "discontinued" or changed the packaging which is true sign they changed the product as well - what's up with that?

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                so true. the latest example is the Loads of ice cream line at Loblaws. They yanked it last month and brought out a new formulation this month.

                It went from 1.65 litres to 1.5 litres but with a whole lot of gums added in now. Price of course, remains the same

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                  President's Choice is notorious for this (in my household at least). They're constantly releasing stuff that's decent enough, and then noticeably cheapening it a few months down the line.

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                    Like the one month (approximately) that they carried that incredible French-style mayonnaise that was always 50% off because the expiry dates were so close to its appearance in the store?

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                      Right. Or removing it entirely.

                      Just like sometime last year, I found a frozen lemon curd dessert (not their current lemon tart) that was supposedly based on a winning recipe from a contest. That was decent especially with minor embellishment. But they were gone too soon.

                2. The PC brand has been running on empty for some time. The Black Label fiasco was a new low in just how out of touch their marketing can be, e.g., huge swings between "foodie" and "cheapskate" marketing with the latest "points" scam. Walmart and Costco are still killing them in Miss.

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                    This is true, sadly. They still come out with the occasional decent item, but PC's glory days are definitely far behind them at this point. I tried a couple of new entrees that are presumably going to be in the next Insider's Report (some kind of pasta with beef and sausage, and a Greek-inspired lasagna), and they were both pretty shoddy.

                    1. re: Kagemusha

                      which is surprising since their latest CEO is ex-walmart

                    2. my dogs food is also unavailable recently...and theyve been out of sriacha, yet bulk barn up the street has it. I think they went too big too quickly. Some of their stuff is fine but soo much is garbage. The frozen desserts are constantly coming and going, each week I see something new. They had a low sugar greek yogurt which was there one week then gone the next. I never go with a list because I refuse to pay the prices but they are the only convenient place. I meal plan based on their sales.

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                        I shop at Real Canadian Superstore for packaged foods and staples. Our grocery list is pretty consistent and they're out of one or two items a trip. "Sale" usually means "empty shelves". But they are still my go-to for my big grocery run and if their produce looks OK, I'll get it there. Sobey's for fish and meat, Longos for more produce. Bulk Barn for grains, spices.

                      2. Welcome to the margins..

                        The reason for you problem is simple. Loblaws and other stores now have sections of space for organic, gluten free and every other diet fad nor to mention in many places Halal, Kosher, Indian etc etc. This is the price of diversity. The mainstream get pushed increasingly to the margins.

                        1. Welcome to the margins..

                          The reason for your problem is simple. Loblaws and other stores now have sections of space for organic, gluten free and every other diet fad not to mention in many places Halal, Indian etc etc. This is the price of diversity. The mainstream get pushed increasingly to the margins.

                          1. Definitely not just you. Every single time I go, there's at least one item I know they normally carry that is not available. One day it's fresh basil, on another my favorite brand of yogourt, etc. I got so frustrated at one point, I went to the customer service counter to complaint. They gave me a piece of paper to fill which I did. I noted my complaint and indicated I wanted to be contacted by a Manager. Never got a call or email back. Niet, nada, nothing. Really frustrating. I now try to avoid going there as much as possible.

                            1. Not only is the stock very inconsistent, one day a product is there, the next day it's gone - but now the prices are inching up as well. I was in the loblaws at queens quay on saturday and for every item I looked at I thought 'oh! thats a buck more than it should be!'

                              And thats why I travel once a month to Wegmans in the US. Good selection of stuff, decent prices, good quality.