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Nov 2, 2009 05:00 AM

Cocktail Party Monmouth Cty

Looking to host 75-100 people for a cocktail party on a non football Sunday in Jan. Nice venue, not the typical catering hall atmosphere. Red Bank or Asbury Area. A place with good apps and a bar.

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  1. Watermark is Asbury would be a great location. I can't attest for the food, but the place has the feel you are probably looking for.

    1. Accommodating 75-100 on a Sunday may be the rub, and I would imagine could result in needing to reserve the entire restaurant for a number of hours. So make sure your head count is firm. The Downtown in Red Bank gets my vote IF you are looking for a casual atmosphere.

      1. Rooneys in Long Branch is worth a look. Your guests will enjoy the oceanviews. They have a separate room next to the bar for parties.

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          I second The Downtown. Yummy guacamole!