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Nov 2, 2009 04:27 AM

Dining in Dallas

I'm at a conference at the Sheraton on N. Olive (the former Adam's Mark) and looking for a good dinner suggestion. Anything that we can get to via the Dart please. We're a group of people who all really enjoy foodie experiences. Not looking for any particular type of food, just something really good that we'll remember and be able to talk about later. Also, preferably some place not too loud so we can enjoy conversation as we only see on another a few times a year.
Any suggestions?

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  1. You've got a good selection in the area. Samar is across the street from your hotel - new Stephan Pyles/Vijay Sadhu collaboration which has Indian/Spanish/Mediterranean.

    You are also a short walk away from Stephan Pyles, Dallas Fish Market, and the One Arts Plaza which has several good restaurants (Tei An, Fedora, Screen Door).

    As far as the DART, I suggest heading Deep Ellum, where you can go to Twisted Root, Angry Dog, Cowboy Chow, and Baker's Ribs.

    Screen Door
    1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

    Stephan Pyles
    1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

    Dallas Fish Market
    1501 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201

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      Another good option in Deep Ellum is Local.

    2. Am also visiting Dallas for the weekend in a couple of weeks -- any suggestions for a good steak joint for Texas beef?

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        Texas beef actually isn't very good, the best steakhouses all serve meat from out of state (Allen Brothers). Just search the board for steakhouses, there are a number of different opinions on which is best.

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          Simply not true. While the majority (but certainly not all) of prime beef come from the upper midwest, distributors like Allen Brothers do source from Texas as well. Sitting in the restaurant, it’s difficult to know where your steak was raised. There are also local smaller restaurants, like Tillman’s (last time I asked her) that source their beef from local ranchers when they can. Not to mention the mom and pop independent ranchers raising great beef, it may not show up at Morton's but you can't say it isn't very good.

          And all the wonderful BBQ in south Texas is from within state.