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Nov 2, 2009 03:33 AM

We are so spoiled!

Living in Egypt has put some things in context regarding food. I, for one, have commented on pizza, for example. This one's crust isn't thin enough, that one's crust doesn't have the perfect char, you name it, and we Chowhounds-- myself included -- have beaten the subject to death. Here I am in Cairo, and I would be THRILLED to have any of the pizzas I had formerly turned my nose up at. The "best" pizza here doesn't come close to what is generally available in my NY Tristate area. And which aged beef is better than another aged beef, and which steakhouse has the best steak. I'd take any steakhouse at this point! The meat here is not aged and tends to be very tough, and the US concept of a steak, that is a thick, juicy piece of meat, doesn't exist. And basic kitchen supply items, like a cooking rack for cakes that you can get in any hardware store, Kmart, whatever in the US, just doesn't exist.

Living in the US, despite what problems there may be with our food supply, (see The Carnivore's Dilemma) we have amazing food and unbelievable choices. Despite some occasionally good food here, there is much that is not available. This spoiled American is trying to figure out how to do without!

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  1. well, I agree we are spoiled. In fact, I point this out to my kids if they complain too much about not liking the food I have cooked - it is good, nutritious food, and they cannot all have their favorites every night. Other people in other places (near and far) have much worse choices of food, or no food at all.

    That said, some of the food disappointment living in another country may be partially due to cultural differences as well. Who knows, maybe someone from Egypt would be sadly disappointed in American pizza and steak! (I don't know, as I have only lived in several US states, no other countries)

    1. I do agree, we take so much for granted, myself included. Spend some time in a third world country and we wil see how blessed we are. I am not putting down the diversity of our food supply, but maybe a fresh perspective.

      1. Hear, Hear! I spent two months in Egypt (Luxor) years ago and it certainly changed my appreciation of what we have. A summer of stewed goat, rice, stuffed peppers, canned orange juice, instant coffee, Stella Beer and the ubiquitous watermelon was about all we had. But the real appreciation came for fresh tap water without "stuff" floating around in it. We just don't know what a luxury this is for most of the world. How I cherish it to this day.


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          LOL! I found some Maxwell House coffee here and I have a one cup Melita and filter papers, and I have to tell you, this is the nectar of the gods! Nescafe is what is widely available, and Taster's Choice is the "best" Nescafe!

        2. we may be spoiled, and here's a big hooray to that.

          just because i can't get a good pizza in cairo , doesn't mean i should settle for a lesser pizza when i'm in new york

          1. A number of years ago Mr. CG and I were staying in a lovely b & b just outside of Avignon, France, and the woman who owned the establishment was talking to us at breakfast and she made the statement that she considered herself so lucky that there were so many options there that she never had to eat the same meal twice. I've thought about that many times because I realize that that is also true for me.

            I'm not sure what the definition of "spoiled" is, but I certainly consider myself blessed to enjoy the extraordinary diversity and the abundance of wonderful food in my life.