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Nov 2, 2009 03:11 AM

creme fraiche help

so i was blessed with about 7 containers of vermont butter and cheese creme fraiche. it will go bad in about a month so i need to use it. this morning i whipped it up with brown sugar, minced apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla then ate it with warmed flatbreads it was really good.

but my question what can i use this stuff for? please don't say "just add it to some soups". any thoughts? any recipes?

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    1. My first suggestion would be to drive over to my house and share the wealth...

      I second Paula's idea of using it in pasta sauce.
      Mushrooms and pasta:

      I also like the looks of this recipe, a peach pie with creme fraiche:

      My mom used to make a dessert where she layered the creme fraiche with crumbled shortbread cookies, and sliced up strawberries/raspberries...yum!

      I'd also try making a creme fraiche ice cream.

      1. I am completely OBSESSED with creme fraiche (it's gotten to be kind of a problem), and this is the recipe that started the obsession -

        It's really easy and has very few ingredients, but is amazingly delicious in its simplicity. I hope you enjoy!