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Nov 2, 2009 02:13 AM

Looking for a good Ebelskiver recipe and a good pan

Looking for a Ebelskiver recipe and where is the best place to purchase a pan. I was thinking of either Bed Bath and Beyond or the Williams Sonoma Catalog.
Any Ideas on what to stuff these with and how to serve them?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just bought what I believe to be a good "starter" pan in CVS today...for $9.99. They call it a puff pancake pan. I am online looking for recipes. I have wanted to try these ever since I saw them featured on a Food Network show. Walmarts website shows the pan but I was unable to find one in the store...I went in to pick up a script in CVS and there they were!

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      I got mine at CVS too...considering how rarely I use it compared to my other pans it was a steal!

      I like to stuff them with cinnamon apples, bananas, raspberry jam, pumpkin butter, or nutella. ..served with either maple syrup, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar.

    2. I bought the pan from Williams-Sonoma but haven't used it yet. They always have cute ebelskiver recipes in their catalogues. I need to try one some time soon.


        This recipe was in the Philadelphia Inquirer just this past Thursday. You may want to look at the article as well as it talks about them.

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          That looks like a good recipe, Den. Have you tried it? I bought an Ebelskiver pan several years ago and I've never gotten around to using it.

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            I do a lot of cooking, less baking, and have to admit I never heard the term Ebelskiver before reading the Inquirer on Thursday. Anyway, the article in the food section is interesting and also provides some sources for Ebelskiver pans.

        2. Sur La Table's weekly catalog arrived today there is a pan in there. Can't vouch for the quality, but might be worth a look.

          1. There is a local business that has been making Ebelskivers at our farmers market here. They make both sweet and savory ones. The sweet ones have some fruit or a little bit of jam. The savory ones have, I think some vegies, or cheese or sausage. It seems like the possibilities would be endless.

            Anyway, they sell their own Ebelskiver mix and the pans. So if you don't want to buy from a chain and would like to support a small business that would be something to consider.

            Here are links to an article about the Ebelskivers and the local business (Aunt Else's).


            The Aunt Else site has a YouTube video that shows you how to make the Ebelskivers. It was very fun watching them make it at the market. And the video makes it look pretty easy and has a couple tricks. Here's their site with the video: