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Nov 1, 2009 10:39 PM

The Great Stone Crab Hunt!

'Tis the Season for those beautiful two clawed crustaceans to meet my mallet! Sure would like to hear from y'all locals in-the-know for places to hunt for those sidewinding critters when I'm slummin' along city streets from Miami to North Hollywood and south to the Everglades.

I'm looking for FRESH crabs sold from a truck / van parked along the side of a road that are reasonably priced for medium (< $8) and large (<$11) claws, no jumbos. Please save recommendations for restaurant crabs like Joe's, Monty's, Billy's, Kelly's, Captain this 'n that, for the tourist board! Local non-chain fish markets or food stores (like Penn Dutch) shoutouts will also be gratefully received.

Suggestions to be compiled and the hounds with the best recs will receive a virtual dvd entitled Getting Stoned on Crabs.

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  1. There is usually a guy or two in trucks with coolers in Florida City near the intersection of Dixie Hwy and Card Sound Road. Prices are around $7/pound for mediums. Of course, you can always get them for free by throwing a trap or two into the bay!