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Nov 1, 2009 06:06 PM

I've heard of & been to Taco Trucks all over So Cal, but have you heard or been to a....

Grilled Cheese Truck? Anyone been yet? Let us fellow chouhounds know what u think. Pros/Cons:

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  1. Grilled cheese is overrated and overplayed, imho.

    1. I loved it personally. There were lots of options - my friend got the Harvest melt ( IIRC butternut squash, gryere, agave syrup, thyme & a balsmic reduction) while I got a Cheesy Mac melt ( macaroni and cheesemade with sharp cheddar) with BBQ Pork added to it and a shot of tomato soup.

      His was $5, mine was a bit more because i added the pork (7$) - but I they were served in these little foil 'sandwich bags' which was nice - as it kept the sammiches fresh til we got back to the car.

      They also have dessert melts, but i didn't have that so i can't vouch.


        See the attached thread. If I were you I'd wait awhile for them to get things going better before trying it.

        1. I went to the grand opening in Venice next to The Brig.

          I waited and waited. The line didn't move. I left. Later, I found out they couldn't get the grills to fire.

          It would have been really nice if they had come out an let everyone know. It seems some people in the front knew, but no one in the back of the unmoving line knew what the problem was.