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Nov 1, 2009 04:53 PM

Lunch in the Mission around 24th Street, or nearby?

We didn't quite make it to the Mission District on our last trip to SF this July, so we'd like to head out there when we arrive next--err, this!--week.

I was planning to do a self-guided walk along 24th Street to see some of the murals and sights, but was hoping to get some real-life suggestions for lunch in the vicinity.

We've gotten some recommendations for Papalote, and Regalito, but if there are any other favorites, I'd be happy to hear them.

I *think* this will pretty much be my last food related question for you SF experts...I'm pretty confident we've got a good food itinerary planned out for both me and the non-foodie husband :)

Thanks and can't wait to enjoy your amazing city again :)

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  1. going roughly west to east, roughly between valencia and potrero ave]:
    --pi bar for beer and pizza slices [opens at 3, just below val and 25th]
    --beretta cocktails [pricieist place on this list]
    --taqueria vallarta for $1.50 tacos
    --humphrey slocombe ice cream
    --lot of fans oh Philz coffee. i havent been there.
    --various torta/liquados facilities
    --dynamo expensive donut
    --pals takaway [might start running out of stuff 1-1:30]
    --yats new orleans sandwich [across potrero ave]

    el farolito is a good "reference superburrito" for SF, but it is pretty heavy
    so may crowd out other snacking. but it's also ~$6. the super quesedilla
    suiza is even heavier.

    1. aah, one of my favorite streets for lunch. All of these places are on 24th.

      I second Pals Takeaway (at Hampshire) I get cravings for the chocolate babka and the pea salad is nice.
      St Francis Fountain (at York) vintage candy and guiness milkshake. homemade chicken soup.
      Phat Philly (at Valencia) this place rocks. the waffle cut fries and cheesesteaks are killer.
      Big Mouth Burgers (next to Phat Philly) great 2 hand burger.
      Roosevelt Tamale Parlor (between York and Bryant). huge tamales and cheerful atmosphere.

      Roosevelt Tamale Parlor
      2817 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      Phat Philly
      3388 24th St, San Francisco, CA

      Big Mouth Burgers
      3392 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. El Farolito at exactly 24th and Mission is one of the quintessential taquerias. I'm not sure they're the best, but have had some tasty burritos there, and it's full of mission flava.

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        1. re: bbulkow

          >El Farolito .... 24th and Mission ... quintessential taquerias ... full of mission flava.
          especially at 3:30am.
          if you're not going for the post-club/show/last call, late night experience,
          i think the other branch is a better place to sit and eat.

          i like BM Burger too, but I dont think it is that unique ... i mean you might come
          from a place without good mex food, or without good coffee etc, but everybody
          has access to a decent burger, no? but worth mentioning if you love burgers.

          also, there is probably no reason a tourist should venture a few blocks away
          while on vacation ... which would put a large franction of the mission in range ...
          tartine, new mission "granulated" super burger at duc loi, bi-rite ice cream [personally,
          not a huge fan], truly med, monk's kettle, g.f. chicken, ti couz ...

          ok tnx.

        2. I live quite close to your target, but I don't work in the 'hood, so I've been waiting for others to step up with lunch ideas. But lets get this ball rolling a little better, eh?

          On Mission near 24th, if you want tacos you can choose between Tacqueria San Jose (cheap, greasy, authentic, tasty) right next to BART and La Tacqueria (more expensive, better ingredients, authentic, tasty tacos) close to 25th & Mission. A few doors down from there, Mission Pie is a nice cafe with, no duh, pie and pastries. They now have pizza that I've been meaning to check out. Everything I've had from there has been great, so no doubt the lunch fare is good too -- but not Mexicali. Go elsewhere for burritos. Like La Corneta perhaps. You won't find me saying anything nice about Papalote (other than their excellent salsa), though others swear by it. Close to Balmy Alley (which I assume is where your mural tour will take you) you'll find good tortas at Tortas Los Picuos -- but quite frankly I've always done take out there. Its the kind of greasy spoon that just seems better for take out, if you know what I mean... I've been meaning to check out Chavita's #2 since a few hounds were howling its praise here earlier. But I have not been there myself. Roosevelt's is an institution. Have not been there this century, but I'm sure its unchanged. Which is actually a good thing. Finally, Haus is a new cafe near 24th & Treat I've been meaning to check out.

          And if you love murals, the Mission has them in spades. I'm sure someone has put together a map that would locate many of the lesser known works. But if you take in one place other than Balmy Alley, I'd say check out Clarion Alley up near 17th & Valencia. And if you'll be up there for lunch, there's a whole boatload of other options to consider...

          Mission Pie
          2901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          Taqueria San Jose
          2830 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          La Taqueria
          2889 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          La Corneta Taqueria
          2731 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          Chavita's Numero 2
          3161 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          3082 24th St, San Francisco, CA

          1. Taqueria San Jose for tacos al pastor or de chorizo. Don't forget to get some pickled jalapeƱos and carrots from the self-service bar.

            Walk-up $1 tacos at El Cachanilla.

            La Santaneca for pupusas. Gold standard for curtido--I always order a double portion.

            Humphry Slocombe.

            Taqueria San Jose
            2830 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream
            2790 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            El Cachanilla
            2948 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            La Santaneca
            3781 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110