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Nov 1, 2009 04:08 PM

Tell me about your home water filtration/softener/purification system, please

We have lousy tap water at our home. It is so hard that if I put a pot of water on to boil, large mineral crystals will form in the pot after a short while. I refuse to drink it, even just to help swallow a pill. We currently have a water cooler with home delivery of five-gallon jugs for drinking and cooking, but we want to do away with this. I'm doing research online, but I strongly believe that personal references are best. So can you tell me if you or anyone you know currently has a home water filtration / softening / purification system, what kind you have, and how well it works? Thanks!

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  1. I have a Kinetico two-tank water softner. It flushes 1 tank while the other supplies the water making softened water available at all times. It was expensive and we replaced it after 20 years use with the same model. My wife thinks there is a slight salty taste to our water (I don't), so we have a reverse osmosis water filter for drinking, coffee, ice, etc. These are readily available at Costco, etc. All this stuff works and our water tastes good plus our showers, faucets, toilets, sinks and so forth are free of mineral deposits.

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      We have the same system - 12 years, no problems with one annual maintenance visit. Two nice features: it is not electric (powered by water flow) and there is no timer to schedule flushes (based on consumption so it flushes as needed). Our water tastes fine - the unfiltered water will turn anything orange in a matter of minutes!

    2. We also have a Kinetico water softener, after our Sears-brand softener died. We also have a built-in filter for the ice/water in the fridge. Otherwise, all the filtering is done at the kidney level.

      1. After years of sclepping 5-8 gallon jugs a week from our local health-food store's filtration machine (refills) we had a drinking water filtration system installed by Culligan along with a softener on the rest of the water supply. It's nice because they maintain it, add salt to the softener and change the filter on the drinking water system.

        1. We have an Everpure under cabinet filter system. Excellent flow rate. Water taste like bottled spring water because most of that is filtered tap.

          1. We have this http://www.purewateressentials.com/ct...
            It is fantastic, the water tastes great and it lasts longer. When we used PUR faucet filters they would stop flowing within 3 weeks. Even though this costs a little more, you only have to change the filters every year or two, or when the flow gets weaker, which hasn't happened in 1.5 years.