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Nov 1, 2009 03:43 PM

Need help on kosher on the way back to NY from Toronto in winter--Buffalo, Niagara, Syracuse...?

Traveling back from a Toronto wedding in the dead of January. Will be staying over in Buffalo and possibly one other place to make a trip of it with the kids. Any winter-friendly tips for family activities up there and where are the most practical kosher options. I've seen Shamash. Need advice on the best Shabbos food in Buffalo and anything else down Rochester, Syracuse, even Binghamton. Any thoughts?

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  1. Buffalo has a kosher butcher who prepares takeout upon request. My husband frequented the butcher when he was in college, but doesn't remember the name.

    Wegman's in Buffalo has lots of kosher products.

    The Chabad rabbi/Hillel House in SUNY Binghamton may be able to give you some advice...

    1. If your route takes you through Albany, Price Chopper has plenty of kosher stuff.

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        It's one specific Price Chopper, by the way, not just any one. They have a small fleishig take-out/deli area, the bakery is kosher, and they have a tremendously large frozen kosher section which certainly rivals anything even here in Queens.

      2. Ithaca is always beautiful and there's a wonderful Jewish community at Cornell. The kosher dining hall at Cornell can likely give you take-out. There's also a great community at SUNY Binghamton. Rabbi Slonim is the Chabad rabbi there. Wegmans in Ithaca has kosher stock but not a deli or anything. As for winter activities in that part of the world, there's Greek Peak for skiing near Cortland. Otherwise lots of clouds in one of the snowiest places in America (you can thank lake effect snows. Syracuse is just bombarded).

        1. Check out for additional information and spots along the route - I travel quite about around the country and use shamash to find places for kosher food -

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            Yes, the original poster said (s)he'd checked with Shamash.

          2. Wegman's in Dewitt (Syracuse eastern suburb) has a full line of Kosher deli.It not far off I-90 off I-481.

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              Is it Kosher certified? I believe that many of the Wegman's have 'kosher' takeout that doesn't have any hechsher at all.