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Nov 1, 2009 03:42 PM

Tom Yum Koong II Arlington Heights - pretty good but needs some improvement

Finally picked up takeout a month after the new place took over from Sala Thai (which we did not frequent after a couple of tries) - it's above average overall, and definitely an improvement over Sala but needs some work to get closer to the level of Thai Moon. It is not a destination to recommend but nice to have as a local option on short notice.

1. Crab rangoons are fresh and crispy, quite light, but need some more flavor (like the curry in the ones at Thai Moon, for instance)

2. Beef satay was N-A-S-T-Y - seemed boiled chewy beef mush that had been slapped on a grill at some point just long enough to get the marks -the dogs are having the rest for breakfast. This needs to be completely reworked or taken off the menu- lowest point by far of the meal.

3. Soups were pretty fresh and tasty (Tom Yum and Tom Ka Gai) but the latter was too sweet in spite of good flavors overall.

4. Pad Thai was light and good, but again, too sweet for our tastes.

5. Red Curry Chicken was spicy and good, but like the other food, had a heavy hand with the sugar - with a little less sweet and a thicker curry base, this could be the best around.

We will try it again, but Thai Moon is still the go to for us nearby.

Thai Moon
663 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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  1. Definitely second this - we had takeout from there this week and my verdict was that Thai Moon is still our preference. We also thought the pad thai was too sweet, and the Tofu Royale was pretty uninspiring. Also, I know we probably shouldn't have ordered scallion pancake at a Thai place, but it was dried out and definitely not worth the $6.95 they charge. On the positive side, they seem to be handling takeout wait times better.

    If anyone has tried any of their fish options, I'd be interested in hearing about the quality.

    Thai Moon
    663 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

    1. Is this place related to Tom Yung Koong in Medford? We've gotten takeout from there andit's been OK, but something's always been a bit off - the taste gave us the impression of Thai food prepared by a Chinese cook, if that makes any sense.

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        Same website for both places - agree the food doesn't seem like authentic prepared by a real, good Thai chef (like Thai Moon or some of the destination spots noted on this board like Dok Bua, for instance), but it seems to be a pretty decent version of Americanized Thai (e.g., homemade crab rangoon) style in general (except the awful satay and overuse of sweet) - again, it's a upgrade to the previous occupant Sala Thai.

        Thai Moon
        663 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

        1. re: rlh

          I've found at the Medford location that if you can establish yourself as at least a semi-regular (takes about 2-3 visits) and are insistent and polite, and order carefully (not mango chicken), you can get some pretty good grub. Not at Allston/Brookline standards but better than average.

      2. I live fairly near this restaurant and have been there once thus far. I thought their tom kha gai was a tasty rendition (yes, maybe sweeter than the norm, and these soups in general seem to lack the unctuousness of what one could find long ago). The pad Thai was disappointing after that--not much flavor and also wet. (The wetness may be a matter of personal preference, but I don't like it.) I want to try the son-in-law eggs, because I have never seen them on a menu before.