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Nov 1, 2009 03:36 PM

Christopher Norman Chocolate

I had never seen nor heard of this brand before today. So, when I saw their bittersweet crunch bar I had to try it. It was almost flavorless and dry. There was no real chocolate taste. What gives?

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  1. I used to work near the Christopher Norman shop on New Street in downtown Manhattan. I think I had these chocolates as fresh as they could be got, and I still didn't find them enjoyable.

    The chocolates were very pretty to look at, but unfortunately neither the bars nor individual pieces stood out for me. The chocolates were dry/bland, and no matter what the flavour was billed as (rose, bergamot, filled with blood orange, etc) all tasted uninteresting like plain, brittle dark chocolate. I'd wanted to buy them as gifts, but after sampling a range, decided against it. So I'd like to ask too, what gives?

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      Me, three. My local purveyor of fine chocolates carries them -- I tried several of the bars when they were on special and I agree they were dry and the flavors weren't good. Emperor's new clothes, I think.