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Nov 1, 2009 02:51 PM

Best Cantonese in Chinatown [London]

Hey hounders,
I was recently asked to recommend the best Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown and I couldn't really think of any particular one that I would confidently recommend. I often eat at Four Seasons for their duck, I've also spent many late nights eating at Crispy Duck, HK Diner and others that I can't recall. They can all be pretty good but none of them stand out as a must-go restaurant that consistently serves great food. When I go out to Chinatown I more often eat Szechuan (Bar Shu, Ba Shan, Red n Hot etc) or at Leongs Legends.

So, I'm interested what you all think. Which is the best CANTONESE place in Chinatown? Which is the one place that you would happily send your best friends to? Feel free to include any favourite dishes.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Young Cheng on Shaftesbury Ave.

    I visit for the occasional lunch and find it hard not to order crispy pork belly and char siu on rice..... £6 and you get free soup.

    They specialise in one dish meals and it's one menu for all so you can get involved with the exciting stuff should you choose. I tried crispy pork belly with eel on rice for example, superb.

    It's always packed with Chinese diners and seems to be the choice amongst the locals. I've ever been in the evening though, the one dish element may make it more suitable for lunch but a definite must!

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      Crispy pork is a weakness of mine so I'll have to try it. Thanks.

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        I like the pork belly (siu yok) and glazed roast pork (char siu) best at Gold Mountain in Baywaters, but was happy to have tried Young Cheng (thanks!). The roast pork is very tender and has a fairly good flavour, but seemed to be really liked roasted, without much of the caramelised glaze or little dark crispy edges. The pork belly is indeed crispy and the firm lean sections of meat are tender and rip easily on the teeth. The sauce has a thicker slightly beany depth to it. I think the roast meats are somewhat comparable to the versions at the new Wan Chai Corner, although the sauce was a bit simpler there.

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          Mayflower - Shaftesbury Ave.

      2. I thought Jade Garden was quite good, especially the duck tongue and the spareribs.

        Here's my full report: