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Nov 1, 2009 02:03 PM

Grocery Outlet, November 2009

So I guess I get to start the thread this month!

50 cents -- Individual (5 or 6 oz) Brown Cow 0% Greek yogurt, plain or strawberry
$1.49 -- Haagen Dazs caramelized pear toasted pecan (yummy!) and Sweet Cream Honey
$2.99 -- 28 oz. bottle Grandma's molasses
$5.99 lb (precut and priced, pieces were mostly about half a pound) -- 12-month aged Orgouda (organic gouda from Holland); there was also another organic cheese (Mozzerella?) from the same producer and another non-organic 12-month aged Dutch gouda for $4.99/lb. Obviously not as special as a super-aged gouda, but it's quite tasty and does have the crunchy crystals!
$2.49 -- large (28 oz, I think) jar of Muir Glen organic Bolognese pasta sauce

If you give food gifts for Christmas they have their Christmas stuff in, including tins of various sizes, paper cartons (like Chinese food cartons) in Christmas designs, and Gladware-type containers with winter-theme designs (snowflakes, penguins, IIRC).

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    1. re: sydthekyd

      Yes, sorry. Yeah, the caramelized pear is really good -- I bought a couple last time and I was glad to see it again and stock the freezer.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        You asked this in another post, but the 79 cent Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is the regular version at GO and not lite cranberry sauce. This week's special is Ocean Spray cran-raspberry sauce for 50 cents. I tried this a few years ago when it first came out and didn't like it. Think about it ... turkey and raspberries aren't a usual pairing ... for good reason.

        I tried the Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee Chardonnay Champagne for $3.99 (with 20% discout $3.19). Note that I'm not a fan of Barefoot in general. It is such a ... supermarket wine.

        Like most GO sparklers, it loses the bubbles faster than I would like, but it is not exactly flat. Still, at $3.19 during the sale period ending 11/15, it isn't a bad thing to keep on hand for the holidays. Certainly a better choice than Andre which these days sells for more than that ... I mean $4.99 average for Andre ... are they kidding?

        After trying it I googled reviews. One winemakers opinion was

        " aromas of tangy green apples and sweet jasmine kick things off, followed by the delicious flavors of kiwi and peach. "

        After reading that ... apple, peach and kiwi (are they serious?) ... not really. However, the flowery jasmine hit me and seriously that is all I can taste at this point.

        At Berkeley ... Botticelli 3.5 oz milk chocolate bar 50 cents. Only ok and really on the edge of being stale. Skip.

    2. I like the pear ice cream a lot, purchased at Redwood acity store. Firm not too gritty yet ripe tasting pieces of full flavored pear.

      1. Oh that roasted pear ice cream is sooo awesome. Too awesome.

        I also am loving the Dagoba chai bar. However, it is very sweet. I personally love very sweet things, but most people would pass on this one.

        1. The Brown Cow yogurt is also available in 4x4.3oz for $1.49 at Monterey Hwy SJ. Same price for similar size Stonyfield Farm.

          I also got a couple 33oz jars of Gertie's artichoke tapenade for $3.99 each. I think it's much more expensive at Costco.

          They also have at least 4 different varieties of Mac's Chicharrones - BBQ, salt & vinegar, salsa y limon, jalapeno & cheddar - at 0.99 for 4oz.

          And Aidell's jalapeno and green pepper sausages at 2.99 for 12oz.

          Watch out if you get Bolthouse Farms juice 32oz. Some of them have their CRV seriously off (0.60 instead of 0.05).

          Both varieties of the Haagen Dazs were too sweet for my taste. Luckily, I had some (bland) scones that I was able to eat them with, a la ice cream sandwiches.

          1. Some other good things

            Seen at Berkeley store today . I usually go to Oakland.. but

            1996 Clos du Val Napa cab.. $14.99 Should be drinking perfectly .. a more restrained european style of Napa Cab. will report after drinking

            a western Aussie Pinot Noir for 4.99 could be good. didn't buy..

            De Cecco Artisinal style (the rough die style) spaghetti 500 gram size 99 cents .. I bought 6 not sure how much they have.

            20 oz wild smoked salmon in " fancy" cheese case 7.99.. did not buy but looks good..

            Aged english cheddar .. inexpensive and that organic gouda mentioned by Ruth.

            Aloutte Spreadable 99 cents

            Vital Vittles Bread $ 2.19

            a full liter of good olive oill in a bottle with a ceramic stopper 7.99.. not as good as that California one they had for months, but good.

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            1. re: jason carey

              My friend who bought a case of the 1996 Clos du Val poured a bottle the other night and it was in excellent shape. The 1996 Burgess was also quite good. The 1995 Chapellet, not so much.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I tasted it last night and it was a beautiful ceadery classic aged wine. not bombastic.. I am going to get more if they have it..