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Nov 1, 2009 01:48 PM

Aruba Restaurant Recommendations?

We will be traveling to Aruba for a winter holiday week 8 year olds. Any recommendations for good restaurants for lunch and dinner? Any near the Hyatt Regency? Also, any amazing romantic spots for dinner for two? Thanks for your input.

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  1. As far as atmosphere, it is tough to beat Flying Fishbone. Most of the dining is done on a beach and you can request a table where your feet are actually in the water. Be aware that the service is quite slow and it is a good 30 mins cab ride from where you are. My choice for best food is Mirandi. Also a little way from your hotel, but extraordinary food.

    1. For all out romantic I would pick Papiamento with a table for two around the pool - go after 7 p.m. for best atmosphere. The food is great and ambience very romantic. We've been going to Aruba for 14 or so years and spent 8 months this year. We celebrated our 25th Anniv. at Papiamento. We ate at Mirandi this trip and it was good. Romantic? All in your perception I guess. As for meals near The Hyatt with 8 year olds - you have a bonanza in walking distance. Across the street in Arawak Gardens is Casa Tua for thin crust pizza and other Italian food. We always see plenty of children there and they seem really happy with their pasta or pizza. We go about once a week for our pizza fix. There is also Smokey Joe's for ribs near there and a whole lot of other kid friendly places.

      1. I'm also interested in the replies - we're spending 5 days in Aruba in December. I'm especially curious about places to get good, authentic local cuisine. Although I'm not sure exactly what that means on Aruba...I'm a little familiar with Trini food (doubles, etc.) but don't know how that differs from other islands.

        **EDIT** Didn't realize there were so many other threads on Aruba. Have made note of Nos Cunucu and Effe Amders, both of which seem to be recommended by multiple people.

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          Authentic local cuisine would be Antillean food which will be hard to find but possible. Ask your concierge. Foods such as fungi, yambo, tutu, pisca salu..there are many...

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            I just came back from Aruba, and for good local food I will recommend Palm Beach Refreshments. It's open for breakfast and lunch and is up the road on Palm Beach from L.G. Smith. We went for a quick bite to eat and I had darn good Cabrito Stoba and Pan Bati. Mind you I'm really really picky about local food because my mother's from Aruba, and I was still impressed. For decent sate, Peanuts in town was good, but they had amazing peanut sauce.

        2. Just got back from Aruba.

          Romantic- Papiamento,Flying fishbone...Papiamento having better food

          Casual good food- Wacky wahoo's...some of the best food on thr Island IMO

          Lively fun good food- Madame Janettes

          Local authentic- Nos Cunucu

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            Nos Cunucu is excellent. Been meaning to do a write up but haven't found the time. But it's reasonably priced and tasty (stoba de kabrito, or goat stew, was excellent, as was the keshi yena). Much better than Gasparitos (which isn't bad, just nowhere as good at Nos Cunucu).

          2. I'm interested in the replies. There are good reviews on Trip Advisor for Gostoso Restaurante. Does anyone have any experience with it?

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              Have not been but everyone who mentions it on and really liked it!