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Nov 1, 2009 01:33 PM

Starbucks Via-Does anyone really like this stuff?

My espresso machine has been in the shop for a week or so, and as I was tired of tea and expensive caps out of the house I gave in and tried Via. I had the darker, I believe Italian roast. As desperate as I was I couldn't even finish the cup. Can't believe anyone likes it. It tastes like the glob they serve in the UK, Nescafe. Did anyone actually like it?

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  1. I agree - it's not great but I have to admit I bought a large pack at Costco (much better deal than buying at Starbucks) for work "emergencies" and camping/hiking etc. My work day and location does not always lend itself to coffee breaks or sitting in line at a coffee drive through and I need my caffeine! I'll probably just buy a french press for the office one of these days (which ironically was suggested to me by the Starbucks employee I first bought the Via from as she didn't think it was a good substitute either ha!)

    1. I can't say I really LIKE it, but it's a ton better than any instant I've ever tasted. Totally drinkable -- much better than, say, McDonald's coffee, which is the standard-bearer in the US.

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        One of my coworkers loves it. But again she reheats the same cup of coffee all night at work so I think her tastebuds are damaged.

      2. Do a side by side with Nescafe and Folgers and Via. You will notice a difference and the Via is the best. It isn't even close.

        1. As a substitute for freshly brewed coffee (or espresso), Via is lagging, but it's definitely the best instant coffee option I've come across (and I've tried a lot of them). Would I drink it in place of my morning cup of coffee? No (plus, it would be way more expensive). Are we taking it camping and anywhere else we might need a caffeine kick without proper utensils? Absolutely.

          1. since my company changed to an instant coffee machine the starbucks via has been a godsend. That 1.25 i put in the machine is so not worth it for the horrible cup of coffee it gives me. It is the best instant coffee available.