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Starbucks Via-Does anyone really like this stuff?

My espresso machine has been in the shop for a week or so, and as I was tired of tea and expensive caps out of the house I gave in and tried Via. I had the darker, I believe Italian roast. As desperate as I was I couldn't even finish the cup. Can't believe anyone likes it. It tastes like the glob they serve in the UK, Nescafe. Did anyone actually like it?

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  1. I agree - it's not great but I have to admit I bought a large pack at Costco (much better deal than buying at Starbucks) for work "emergencies" and camping/hiking etc. My work day and location does not always lend itself to coffee breaks or sitting in line at a coffee drive through and I need my caffeine! I'll probably just buy a french press for the office one of these days (which ironically was suggested to me by the Starbucks employee I first bought the Via from as she didn't think it was a good substitute either ha!)

    1. I can't say I really LIKE it, but it's a ton better than any instant I've ever tasted. Totally drinkable -- much better than, say, McDonald's coffee, which is the standard-bearer in the US.

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        One of my coworkers loves it. But again she reheats the same cup of coffee all night at work so I think her tastebuds are damaged.

      2. Do a side by side with Nescafe and Folgers and Via. You will notice a difference and the Via is the best. It isn't even close.

        1. As a substitute for freshly brewed coffee (or espresso), Via is lagging, but it's definitely the best instant coffee option I've come across (and I've tried a lot of them). Would I drink it in place of my morning cup of coffee? No (plus, it would be way more expensive). Are we taking it camping and anywhere else we might need a caffeine kick without proper utensils? Absolutely.

          1. since my company changed to an instant coffee machine the starbucks via has been a godsend. That 1.25 i put in the machine is so not worth it for the horrible cup of coffee it gives me. It is the best instant coffee available.

            1. I carry a package of it in my bag for school. I drink french press at home and will stop on my way in to school for an americano but I have a few long days a week where I spend a lot of my time working in the grad lounge. We have hot water available and I can make a cup of the Via stuff in a matter of seconds and with no mess or cleanup. Is it as good as what I drink in the morning? No but for what it is - instant coffee - it's better than the rest.

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                Alright you guys have convinced me to give it another try. I drank it black, maybe it needs cream and sugar?

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                  I don't think so.

                  Maybe your water ratio was off...Package instruction indicates 8 oz (not the standard 6 oz) for a cup.

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                    I drink it black so can't help you there. I use my travel mug to make it. Not sure how big that is? Standard travel mug size, whatever that might be.

                    Remember, it's good for what it is. I'd much rather have a cup of french press but I can get up from my work in the middle of the day and make this in 30 seconds. I don't break my concentration on what I''m working on waiting for soemthign to brew and I don't have to clean up anything. For that I'm willing to to compromise a bit over the coffee I normally drink.

                2. I consider myself a connisuer (sp) of coffee and I have tasted the VIA and consider it a splendid cup of coffee as good if not better than many brews, only problem is it costs about 10 times more then the cheap mexican coffee I usually drink called Cafe Bustello.