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Nov 1, 2009 01:15 PM

Va Beach/Norfolk -- Thanksgiving Day Dinner Restaurant Options

We will be visiting family in Va. Beach/Norfolk on Thanksgiving Day and we are looking for a nice restaurant option -- any recommendations for that?

Appreciate your help.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. This restaurant/bar is in downtown Norfolk on Granby Street. They have amazing food and the staff is always courteous. It is definitely worth considering. Good food at low prices.

    1. Lynnhaven Fish House is wonderul. Nice atmosphere, great food. We go there everytime we visit. It overlooks the ocean, beautiful view. The seafood is great, and try the She Crab Soup. The staff is always inviting and friendly. They are off of Starfish Road, overlooking the beach.

      Lynnhaven Fish House
      2350 Starfish Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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        If you try the Lynnhaven Fish House call ahead... due to our recent noreaster some of the Lynnhaven Fish House may not be open. Also some of the areas independant restaurants will probably be closed, but the restaurants that are in hotels, ie Catch 31, Mahi Mahs in VB or Shulas in downtown norfolk will be open. The best bet is to call ahead regardless. I have also heard that Steinhilber's in VB is very nice.