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Nov 1, 2009 12:53 PM

Help! Gnocchi

I'm making gnocchi and the dough is not staying together. It's crumbly... How do I fix?

Add more egg?


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  1. just add more water until it firms up
    I usually add an egg to mine anyway because I like the texture it gives

    1. If you are making potato gnocchi, add an egg rather than water. Too much water makes for heavy and doughy Gnocchi. Potato gnocchi are a bit tricky because it is not easy to gauge how much flour to add. Did you give the dough a gentle kneading?

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        I was concerned kneading would make the dough tough and heavy, but that was probably part of the problem. I ended splitting the dough in half and adding flour and egg to one half - these were heavy. I just worked with the second half and they tasted much better...