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Nov 1, 2009 09:40 AM

Thanksgiving - but not traditional dinner near KC airport

I am picking up my sister at the airport Thanksgiving night. We are having actual Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. Any suggestions for non-chain places around the airport that may be open?

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  1. My favorite places close to the airport would be Swagat (Indian), Ixtapa (Mexican), and Tasty Thai. I don't know if they are open Thanksgiving night - I'm sure a quick phone call would answer that question. All three places are pretty casual and laid back. Both Swagat and Ixtapa are in or near Zona Rosa. Tasty Thai is off I-29 and & 72nd St. Good luck!

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    1. another idea would be to go by Briarcliff Village. It's on the way depending on where you live or a short detour. There is The Cafe, Trezo Mare and Piropos. All excellent choices!