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Nov 1, 2009 08:41 AM

Thalia's Cucina : a new Italian restaurant in Nipomo

I hesitate to write about it yet, I've only been once, but want to alert others to the new Italian restaurant in Nipomo, just north of Santa Maria on the Central Coast.

Just down the street and across from Jocko's on Thompson Ave, in Old Town Nipomo. It's located in the spot where Pie Hole Pizza started out. The new owners (two brothers) have extensive experience in Italian kitchens and have brought their own tastes to the menu.

There is a small casual yet comfortable dining room with an open kitchen, and tables for about 30. The menu is typical, but the dishes I've tasted so far are carefully made from scratch.

Soups, salads, pasta, (including fresh seafood alfredo) thin crust pizza, and desserts are all hand made in the kitchen, using locally sourced fresh foods if at all possible. (The tomatoes for the red pasta sauce were grown just a few blocks away in Nipomo, the mushrooms from Huasna, the fish is local, etc)

I popped in one day to confirm a large group coming the next day, and my eager questions about the restaurant were greeted by free samples of a creamy mushroom soup (rich with butter and cream) and the cheesy butternut squash filling for the ravioli. Both most excellent.

In our group of nine, we had soup, romaine salads, Chicken Marsala, Eggplant Parmesan, pizza, and buttenrut squah ravioli, and fettucini alfredo, and spaghetti with meatballs. The red sauce was mild and flavorful, and the pizza was dressed with olive oil, not red sauce. Everyone was very pleased with their meals. We all shared two cakes: a layer carot cake, rich with nuts and carrots, and a moist layer chocolate cake. Both very good, but hard to appreciate with the heavier meals we'd just eaten. IIR, Apple Tart, Creme Brulee and Tiramisu were also on the menu.

There was no problem getting all our 9 meals out at the same time, probably because the room is small, but with only three staff members, their experience in running back and front house shows. Everything moved very smoothly. Table service was professional and cordial.

I will be back, and urge others to try this good new restaurant in our community.

Just off 101 at the Tefft exit; travel east towards the hills and turn right at the stoplight. Go to the next corner, turn left. It's right there! Open at this time for dinner only, they will gradually extend their hours. There is a large separate room at the rear of the main dining room which can serve larger parties. I apologize for not having more definitive information--they are not yet listed anywhere online, and I wanted to get this out.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Will try to check it out soon.

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      I want to emphasize that this is not a fancy place--converted from a pizza restaurant in an old building in the "older" part of town. But the level of deliciousness is so far above everything else in town, I had to report that it is worth investigating. Nipomo is so hugely lacking in dining experiences of all kinds, much less food made with fresh ingredients from scratch.

      1. re: toodie jane

        We live in Nipomo and didn't realize that Thalias had open. We stumbled upon it driving to Jockos and decided to give it a shot as Italian is my FAV!!!

        We were not disapointed!!!! The pizza was soooooo good! Thin Crust, extra GARLIC, and everything else I tend to pile on!!! (and they didn't even look at me strange when I asked for it! Big BONUS in my book!!!)

        We have gone back 4 times now and I've had the Scampi, Sea Food Chowder, Linguini and Garlic Soup and yes, more pizza....YUM is all I can say!!! :)

        As a side note, our server/hostess/wait staff are always absoultely wonderful! (They now remember me now as the "Garlic Lover" LOL) He even brought our pizza next door as we waited for it. Now that's service! :)

        So glad to have Thalias here in our tiny community. Makes not being able to go back to Tonys in New York as often as I like, just a little bit easier now!