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Where to buy 10 gallons of unfiltered, unpasteurized apple juice

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I'm planning on making 10 gallons of apple champagne. Are there any orchards in Sonoma County where I can buy such a large quantity. My preference is gravenstein but I suspect it's a bit late. Thanks!

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  1. Here's an old thread from Beer Board. Is California one of the state that requires pasteurization?

    1. Call Gabriel Farm.

      Gabriel Farm
      3175 Sullivan Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

      1. You'll have many more choices of apple from Walker Apples in Graton. I don't think they sell juice but ripe as of last weekend were Golden Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady, Winesaps, Northern Spy, and my favorite, Arkansas Blacks. Their phone: (707) 823-4310

        Walker Apples
        10955 Upp Rd, Graton, CA

          1. Rainbow Orchards makes an awesome unpasteurized apple cider. You can find them at tons of farmers markets around the bay area or you can visit their farm near Sacramento (on Apple Hill). http://www.rainboworchards.info/

            1. This is current as of this weekend

              Apple a Day Ratzlaff Ranch in Sebastopol has raw unfiltered unpasturized juice. You can buy this at many markets such as Berkeley Bowl, but the prices at the ranch are almost half price. Don't be surprised by it being frozen. They squeeze and freeze the juice in the field (or something like that) to keep it fresh. For years it has been my favorite local cider.

              There's another nearby farm advertising cider but it is just Apple A Day at a higher price.

              Kowslowski Farm still has their excellent Gravenstein apple cider, but don't know for sure if it is unfilitered but seems that way to me.

              I haven't tried it but Berkeley Bowl has Gravenstein apple cider. I had their Gravenstein apple sauce earlier this year which was excellent.

              Rainbow as mentioned is very good.

              Berkeley Bowl
              2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

              Ratzlaff Ranch
              13128 Occidental Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

              1. Philo Apple Farm? Their juice rocks.