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Nov 1, 2009 06:57 AM

Forest Cafe to close

Sadly, this Cambridge institution is closing.
It will probably remain open until the end of Nov.
Sold to a group of folks who are turning it into some health food store or vegan joint.

After 75 years in the area, it's sad to see this local, family-run establishment close its doors.

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  1. I never quite figured out what the appeal of this place was, but it is sad nonetheless to see an old standby go out of business.

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    1. re: Uncle Yabai

      Garlicky green beans were part of the appeal for me. Also the dumpy divey atmosphere was just plain comfortable. I'm sad to hear they are closing. :-(

      1. Sad. First place I ever got a pink can of Tecate and decent Mexican food together; loved those salty ejotes. Was good, then bad, then they got the original chef back and it was good again. Far eclipsed by places that have opened since, e.g., Angela's, but I had a lot of really enjoyable meals there over the years. (I have to admit I preferred the old, dumpier version; the remodeled place was too cheery.) I will miss it.

        1. WHA?! HUH?! We haven't been 'round in some time because we are old and don't go out anymore :) , but we love that place! I have had many interesting conversations at the bar that preceded the food at times. Plus, it's fun getting hit on by the old-school Cantabridgians that populate the bar. I will stop by this week. Thanks for the info oystershucker.

          1. Crap. Not a highly recommendable place generally, but good for a junk-faux-Mex fix. Certainly better than most of Boston Mexican places, not that that's saying much, but still.

            1. I just let out a gasp when I read bummed. This place is a mainstay for me and a group of friends. We love the garlicky green beans... and the Forest 'ritas....and the yummy hot salsa they serve with the chips.... bummer! Indeed, hate it when a local, family run establishment closes. (sigh)