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Nov 1, 2009 06:32 AM

Indian near trafalgar square

Looking for suggestions for moderately priced(no cinnamon club) indian near trafalgar square for a large group. Must be able to make a reservation, and be kid friendly. Should have tandoori options on the menu. Trying to keep it to 20£ a head.

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    1. re: howler

      dinner, some flexibility in budget

      1. re: ellenesk

        there really is nothing around trafalgar square - i was going to suggest moti mahal as perhaps your best option, but it'll be a lot pricier than that at dinner.

        consider gaylords on mortimer street - is that too far?

    2. Howler is correct, fairly slim pickings in the Trafalger Square area, with quite a lot of pretty poor places to temp the unwary.

      My stand-by in central London for a low cost curry is "Mela" (152 Shaftsbury Avenue). Simply walk up Charing Cross Road from the North side of Trafalger Square, and turn right when you hit Shaftsbury Avenue, it is approx 20m down the road. It has a tandoor, is light and bright, child friendly and takes bookings:

      Their sister restaurant "Chowki", is slightly nearer, just behind Piccadilly Circus is also quite good, but it is more crowded, faster turnover, and features changing regional menus, that whilst good may not suit all in a large group:

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