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Nov 1, 2009 05:30 AM

Yamada Chikara

Anyone been to Yamada Chikara?

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  1. Not yet. I have reservations for the evening of December 8th.

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    1. re: BaronDestructo

      I have reservations for November 18th! One of my friends thought it was great, so we're going back (it's Terry, actually - I bet you've seen his blog).
      Look us up if you have time when you're here.

      1. re: jem589

        Is it this one:

        That's what originally got me interested in checking it out (I'll be in Tokyo in Feb). Let us know how your meal there goes!

        1. re: jem589

          I'm getting into town the last week of November. Would love to grab lunch or dinner if you and Terry are free.

          1. re: BaronDestructo

            SG, that's it. I'm pretty sure we're canceling this week, unfortunately, but Terry's very keen to go, so we may still get it done. Re: the comment below, I think it's not at all similar to Molecular Bar - YC seems more like a few molecular techniques imported into kaiseki, while TMB is focused on showmanship .

            BD, that week might be a little busy but I also would love to get together. Just email or post something on my blog.

            1. re: jem589

              Are there any other similar restaurants doing kaiseki with molecular techniques other than YC and Ryugin? I was extremely impressed with Aronia de Takazawa earlier this year, but I'd say Takazawa-san's cuisine is closer to the French part of the spectrum.

        2. re: BaronDestructo

          Baron, how did your meal at Yamada Chikara end up going?

        3. Their website says it's expensive, but does anyone know how much it is? Do they have a tasting menu? I have been eyeing at El Bulli for a while, so if this chef worked for Chef Adria, I'd be really excited to try this! We are stopping thru Tokyo for 1 night in December (Christmas night). Worth making a reservation at this place? We are currently considering the Molecular Tapas bar the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

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          1. re: pgwiz1

            When we ate there in the spring, the menu was (IIRC) ¥16,000. By the time everything was added on (couple of tokkuri of sake; ceremonial matcha at the end) the total was ¥52,000 for two. It was very good and visually stunning, but it's a small place with just a single counter and it really depends who how discreet (or boisterous, as in our case) your neighbors are.