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Nov 1, 2009 04:51 AM

Is "Flames" Steak house worth it?

Has anyone been to FLAMES STEAKHOUSE in Briarcliff? Is it good for a birthday dinner? It loooks a bit cheesey from the outside, so I cannot tell.

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  1. Hi again, CityGirl ;-) I have tried Flames for Valentines day, it IS a little cheesey, the service was very good though. I think they know a lot of people are there on dates or for special occasions. It reminds me of what you would have imagined a "fancy" restaurant to be like when you were 15. White table clothes, lots of servers swarming your table, big menu, etc. I prefer Haven and Iron Horse as I pointed out in the other post BUT if one of the people really likes steak houses we were impressed with our t-bones, spinach, potatoes etc. Some of the other dishes have an italian flair. Caveat, we enjoy steak houses on occasion but are not conoseurs (sp!) in any way...

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      Thanks Jessheslin! I like your humor... we also love Iron Horse too... but it it is not geographically convenient for us... where is Haven?

      Iron Horse
      20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

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        Haven is also in Pleasantville, about 3 blocks away from Iron Horse. Give it a try.

        Iron Horse
        20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

    2. absolutely, excellent steaks served in the luger style. also superior wine cellar. it ain't cheap but neither are any of the steak joints that flames emulates. well worth it and i've eaten at em all.

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        Hey CityGirl, I thought you said Briarcliff or nearby towns. Pleasantville is just 10 minutes, if even, from Briarcliff.
        But perhaps you should clarify the geographical location you are looking for?