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Jubilations? (YYC)

Anyone know how the food is at Jubilations? We have a few options/ideas for our anniversary dinner, and that's one of them. The other is Sky360 (or whatever it's called). No other ideas at the moment.

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  1. It's okay, nothing special. I think the menu changes for each show. You do also get the show and that's usually fun. I would think the food is better at Sky360 but I haven't been since it's changed over.

    1. The food at Jubilations has always been OK. Although it ain't gourmet, we have always been pretty happy. Sky360. on the other hand, has always been disappointing to us. My son went most recently for a special dinner with his wife and both were very disappointed. Jubilations = Yes, with lots of fun musical theatre. Sky360 = No.

      1. It was probably the worst meal I've had in my life, next to the one in Carbon, Alberta which is another story. Please don't go.

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          To...which one? I'm not sure whether you're referring to Jubilations or Sky360.

        2. My experience at Jubilations probably constitutes one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life. We were there for a company Christmas party. Yes, the food is atrocious. But on top of that, the service demonstrates a level of ineptitude you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They told our table that we could not have the soup, because they needed the bowls for dessert because and were running short. How you can use the same bowl for soup and creme brulee is a question for another time.

          Throughout the evening, they were practically prying the cutlery and dishware out of our hands, due to their apparent shortage of the basic things you need to run a food establishment....like forks. Honestly, I was waiting for them to yank the table cloth out from under us, magician-style. This fiasco was far more entertaining than the actual show. We bailed before dessert, which I assume was creme brulee with tomato soup coulis.

          So, in sum, go pretty much anywhere else in Calgary.

          1. the food is about one step up from cafeteria food at jubilations.... i would rather eat at a chinese buffet! that says a lot!

            1. We've had our Xmas company there last year and the food was ok, nothing horrendous but nothing to rave about either. We did not suffer at all from any service problems though and the servers we had were quite entertaining. Since the staff also are the actors, I'd bet you get some pretty bad servers as there's actors that only want to act and not serve.

              If you want a neat experience and good food, head out to Rosebud theatre, you get a good meal and better entertainment. It's also a pretty area and cool little town.

              1. Wow, thanks for your responses! Um, any other suggestions, then? My husband is a bit on the cheap side, and usually gets cranky about "gourmet" food because they don't give you much for the price. However, this is pretty much the only day a year I can get away with a "fancier" restaurant, lol.

                I'm actually not sure I can sit through a show anyway, as I have back issues these days.

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                  Sounds like your husband would be happier somewhere like Bear's Den - which would have the ambience you're looking for and is closer to the portion sizes that he feels are value for money... or somewhere more casual maybe Diner Deluxe?

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                    How about a anniversary brunch at the Banff Springs instead? Decent gourmet buffet so your husband can eat his fill of bacon and sausages, and you can have the gourmet things like venison/bison etc. Afterwards walk off the food in nice surroundings.

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                      Do you know how much it is? I almost made it there this weekend, but ended up in the Delta Kananaskis Lodge instead. They sure got a lot smaller than they were a few years ago. I'm wondering if Banff Springs is that much different pricewise (Kananaskis was $32 per person). The only thing is that our anniversary is on November 17 (a Tuesday), but I guess that's not a big deal.

                      Bear's Den might be an option, too, if their portions are decent.

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                          I'm a pretty big eater and I found that Bear's Den was alright for portions but they are very pricey and it was not mind blowing food (but my standards are pretty high as I've been spoiled at many other places). However, Costco is selling right now a $100 gift certificate for Bear's Den for $80 so it's not a bad option.

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                            I know! I looked at their website and nearly fainted. Didn't anyone tell them there's a recession going on? The Costco gift certificate would help, though...does Costco have any other restaurant gift certificates? Also, are they at all Costco's? And finally, where are they located in the store? Costco is a big, big place. That would be cool, though, for gifts and for special occasions. (Anyone buy one? Do they expire?)

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                              I was at the Beacon Hill location today and all they had was Bears Den. Was thinking of getting them myself. There they are located near the Garmin GPS thingies and the candies/snacks.

                              Just ask one of the employees there and they'll find out where they are for you at whatever location you're at. I find Costco employees to be very pleasant and helpful.

                              They do not expire, I checked on that.

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                                The certificates in the NE Costco are located near the bread and desserts. I believe there was also certificates for Jubilations and one other fine dining place which escapes my mind right now.

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                            How about Centini? The entrees are done very well but not with a ton of "gourmet" bells and whistles. Amazing desserts. Pastas are great. The room is simple, but sexy. We've always found the staff very warm and down to earth. A little pricey, but hey, it's your anniversary. Lots of piccies on their website:



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                              I agree with Conrad. I have been numerous times to both Jubilations and to Stage West. Jubliations is about one third the cost of Stage West. You can not go to Jubilations for around $50 and expect Steak and Lobster. I have never had a bad meal at 'J' and bang for the buck is huge. The shows I have seen have all been excellent. My only other comment is that we have always had a great time when we went as a group. Try the Prime Rib. It is excellent.
                              Dean in Red Deer, AB

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                                What would you say the food is on par with? Yeah, I get that the whole idea is the experience, but good food helps. It's not a buffet, is it? Because that would be good (always something I like). If not, what is it? Menu? Do they have it posted online?

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                                Maybe a possibility, but they ARE expensive. Are you supposed to have one item from every course? Cause that would add up quick. Yes, it's our anniversary, but I'd rather not have my husband looking grim about the price throughout our meal. I can just picture him, lol. I see they do have a prix fixe menu, although it's not that appealing to me (this week's).

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                                  No, you just pick what you want to eat. We usually share an appy and get two entrees and a dessert each. I would say you would spend about $80-$100 without wine.

                        2. I don't think you can judge Jubilations strictly on the food. They have a stage show, they have an adcast (folks who are actors and also the servers) and they have a meal. The stage shows are humourous, full of interesting talent, and high energy, but don't expect a spectacular plotline. The adcast provides ongoing kibitzing at your table, which can be fun if you enjoy that kind of thing. And the food is definitely middle of the road; nothing too special, but not horrible.
                          My point is that I would not go there specifically for the food, but for the overall experience.
                          The only other similar kind of offering that I'm aware of in Calgary is StageWest, which tends to have name talent onstage, and is priced accordingly.

                          1. You do not typically go to dinner theater for the food, that being said I found Jubilations to be random at best. Sometimes the food is cold, sometimes dried out, sometimes actually pretty decent. It is pretty much on par with other stage shows. My advice is to make the best of the food (tolerate the poor service) and enjoy they show, that is really why you are there.