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Oct 31, 2009 09:22 PM

Jubilations? (YYC)

Anyone know how the food is at Jubilations? We have a few options/ideas for our anniversary dinner, and that's one of them. The other is Sky360 (or whatever it's called). No other ideas at the moment.

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  1. It's okay, nothing special. I think the menu changes for each show. You do also get the show and that's usually fun. I would think the food is better at Sky360 but I haven't been since it's changed over.

    1. The food at Jubilations has always been OK. Although it ain't gourmet, we have always been pretty happy. Sky360. on the other hand, has always been disappointing to us. My son went most recently for a special dinner with his wife and both were very disappointed. Jubilations = Yes, with lots of fun musical theatre. Sky360 = No.

      1. It was probably the worst meal I've had in my life, next to the one in Carbon, Alberta which is another story. Please don't go.

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          To...which one? I'm not sure whether you're referring to Jubilations or Sky360.

        2. My experience at Jubilations probably constitutes one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life. We were there for a company Christmas party. Yes, the food is atrocious. But on top of that, the service demonstrates a level of ineptitude you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They told our table that we could not have the soup, because they needed the bowls for dessert because and were running short. How you can use the same bowl for soup and creme brulee is a question for another time.

          Throughout the evening, they were practically prying the cutlery and dishware out of our hands, due to their apparent shortage of the basic things you need to run a food forks. Honestly, I was waiting for them to yank the table cloth out from under us, magician-style. This fiasco was far more entertaining than the actual show. We bailed before dessert, which I assume was creme brulee with tomato soup coulis.

          So, in sum, go pretty much anywhere else in Calgary.

          1. the food is about one step up from cafeteria food at jubilations.... i would rather eat at a chinese buffet! that says a lot!