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Oct 31, 2009 09:17 PM

Mariscos German Truck on the corner of Clairemont Drive and Balboa

I noticed the truck on Friday, and stopped by. Looked like a newer version of the truck on 35th and University. Menu looked the same. The address listed on the truck also looked the same. After ordering I inquired, and was told that the truck on 35th and University and another truck has been sold.

Food was pretty solid, and somewhat like what I recall....thought the Marlyn Taco was a bit more fishy, and the consomme was also pretty weak. The Gobernador was excellent.

So now you have both La Princesita and Mariscos German in the same lot.

Mariscos German
3515 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

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  1. KK- we ate there Thursday night. The fish tacos were dismal. Pasty doughy batter and the taco tasted of old, burned grease. (No where near as great as the M.G. truck we ate at on Imperial Ave.) However, the Gobernador (sp?) was quite tasty. Lots of fresh shrimp and a piquant tomato sauce with onions and bell peppers. So rico I had to eat it with a fork. The ladies offered us free soup, but we declined since we'd sampled at La Princesita and El Chocorrol as well. (It was taco night.) We asked if they would be there regularly and were told that yes, they would be, if business were good. We'll defintely give it another shot. La Princesita was terrible, by the way. We had pastor and asada. The weekend taco cart at La Tiendita is much better.

    1. Just ate there. Same quality I'm used to - Delicious.

      No tent or tables at this location. So eating is a bit more adventurous. Service seemed a bit slower than what I'm used to, but not awful, and certainly worth the wait. The gas station where it's located is basically closed (just a smog check that doesn't seem to get any customers) so there's plenty of parking. It's on the north east street corner, right at the intersection.

      They had a shrimp diabla taco special posted today. This was fantastic. Sweet and spicy with well caramelized onions.

      As this is wildly closer to my work than the other trucks, it's likely I'll be here a lot. Somewhat steady customer traffic while I was there, but slower than the one on University. But with this location I'm guessing this truck will get mobbed once people catch on.

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        When we were there, MG had set up a tent with tables and chairs behind the truck. We didn't see it until we were leaving. . .

      2. "After ordering I inquired, and was told that the truck on 35th and University and another truck has been sold."

        The 35th and University truck was up and running today and looked exactly the same from the street. I suppose it could have switched owners and they haven't rebranded yet.

        1. Anyone know where this went? It hasn't been there the last three times I drove by.

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            The one that was on the corner of C and 30th, behind Miller's Market, disappeared a few months ago. It probably means that they are either moving their trucks around to test the business in different areas, or maybe they sold those trucks off to someone else and those people are the ones doing the moving.

            I was just at the 35th and Univeristy truck and the business was booming. Tacos were great.

            I would like to mention that I think that they likely use frozen fish. The reason why is because they had one of the windows of the truck boarded up, and the box they had covering was a Frozen Tilapia box.

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              I finally tried one of their $.99 fish tacos and was thoroughly unimpressed. I think I'd order anything else before that. Far cry from the marlin or scallop tacos.

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                It would be nice if they had a Twitter page like some of the LA trucks to tell us where they are.