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Oct 31, 2009 07:43 PM

What to use in place of Bacon?

Specifically, Dates stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon and baked are delicious but we keep a kosher house. What do you think is the best item to use to replace the bacon that is kosher? Attached, find the recipe.

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  1. i'm pretty sure there's kosher turkey bacon.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Morningstar makes a bacon soystrip thats really quite tasty, and smells a lot like bacon too.

      1. re: jensays

        I don't recall the soy bacons being flexible enough to wrap around anything. I'm not a fan of their taste, but others disagree. This was discussed here in a thread called "Turkey Bacon." You can search for that thread and get different opinions.

        1. re: jensays

          the taste of the morningstar product is ok but the consistency is more like cardboard...

        1. My husband doesn't eat pork either and I've found that beef bacon is the best substitute. The problem with veg or turkey substitutes is that they cut out all the fat. I'm not trying to cut fat, just pork! I've seen beef bacon at whole foods and occasionally at other stores. For recipes where you're trying to get smoky-ness, you can use smoked turkey thighs.

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            I substitute with beef bacon when I make it for my wife. You can taste the difference, but it's still good.

          2. I had a BLT sandwich for lunch today using Aand H Beef Fry. I have also used Aaron's Beef Fry but I can't get that anymore. Maybe a vicitm of all of their problems. They are pretty close to the treif variety. Morningstar farms products are all dairy.

            1. As I mentioned in this thread : I like to use salami when cooking, but I agree with the others that the various makes of Beef-fry are ideal for breakfast and sandwiches. I do not find Beef-fry ideal for most "recipe" applications as the fat tends to become stringy when fried and therefore the texture is often undesirable. In your recipe since the point is for a "crispy" texture, I think the Beef-fry will be fine. Beware that Beef-fry and Salami are both quite salty in flavor and Salami is garlicky, so adjust your recipes accordingly.