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Oct 31, 2009 05:35 PM

Where to find the best fried shrimp

Years age we used to go to Joe's Shrimp House on Cortland. Nothing since has really measured up. Would love to hear recs on the best fried shrimp, preferably North or Northwet sides or suburbs. I remember that Joe's was not battered, byt breaded. I believe it was a mixture of flour and cornmeal. Mayube that's why it was so special. Any suggestions welcome. JoanW

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  1. I,m a lifelong Fried Shrimp fanatic I stumbled upon this place by chance. This man uses his mothers Louisiana recipe to fry the most delectable shrimp I ever tasted. Shrimp is the only product of the restaurant there is only one size. Your only option is quantity, small or large. The prices are very minimal. and the shrimp are definitely addictive. If you can find a tastier shimp anywhere in Chicago area please let me know. Big Dave

    Haire,s Gulf Shrimp
    8112 S. Vincinnes ave.
    Chicago IL. 60620

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      It's probably going to take me hours, since I don't have a car, but I gotta try that place.

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        thanks, bigdave, for your advice. We went to Haire's today. Only took 40 minutes from the northwest suburbs. Had a great conversation with the owner, who is a charming guy who uses his mother's recipes. The shrimp are fantastic. He also gave us a sample portion of his spaghetti. Excellent meat sauce, very litle tomato, great taste. We would eally recommend this place. JoanW2002

      2. I use to stop at Joe's and get a pound of the shrimp all the time. I use to drive from Gurnee. I heard he may have re-opened on diversy some place. I have been trying to locate him as well.

        1. Have you tried The Fish Keg? They've been in the same loc for forever & they have always been good. I miss Joe's too.
          2233 W Howard St
          (between Albany Ave & Asbury Ave)
          Chicago, IL 60645
          (773) 262-6603

          1. try Snappy's
            on irving -- pretty sure its east of lincoln
            and its on the corner
            they have fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail,calamari, hush puppies, crabcakes,
            scallops, fish chips and catfich strips, and good potatoe pancakes yum
            nothing too fabulous but its unique and fresh. i luv it

            its at 1901 irving park rd
            773- 244 - 1008