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Buying Prosciutto

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Well the title says it all.

So where can I buy decent prosciutto in the NoVa or DC area?

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  1. I'd be interested too, I was disappointed in what they had at Wegman's. I figured they wouldn't have the really good stuff, but thought it would be better, what I saw was pretty low end.

    1. I regularly buy proscuitto (di Parma and sometimes San Daniele) at Dean & DeLuca (Georgetown). On occasion, I buy it at Calvert Woodley (Van Ness, metro red line)..

      The quality of Dean and DeLuca's proscuitto is always good, and I especially appreciate the ability of some of its staff to slice it paper thin as it should be.

      1. Cheesetique in Alexandria has not only good prosciutto, but also excellent serrano ham and bellota serrano. They use a different importer than latienda.com which Andres uses and the spanish hams are fantastic.

        1. Cournicopia in Bethesda hand slices the proschitto de parma on a special machine intended to slice that. great place

          1. Canales at Eastern Market
            Litteri's in the Florida Avenue Market
            Both have the imported and domestic varieties. Litteri's also sells prosciutto "ends" ends at a bargain price. You can sliver them yourself with a very good knife.
            Both places slice them very thin and lay them out well on waxed paper.
            Good prices for great quality.

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              ditto on Canales, and you can also veer off into Spanish Serrano and Iberico (Iberico is $$$)

            2. I third the recommendation for Canales and add Vace to the list of recommendations.

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                I think there is an Italian store at the NE DC farmers market area off 4th street. And the Italian store on Lee Hwy in Arlington.