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Oct 31, 2009 01:42 PM

Christmas Dinner at an Oriental restaurant, Dec 25, 2009

Is it too early to start this thread?

Any recommendations for a Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese dinner (it does not have to be special) on Christmas Day?

Location: downtown Toronto, Chinatown Spadina or Gerrard, by subway line, and the like.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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  1. I know you asked for downtown, but if you want an excellent meal on xmas day, go to Markham and hit the restos there.

    For a special meal I'd try Casa Imperia (Steeles and Warden) for a more classy (relatively speaking) experience and a superlative meal. Otherwise New Spring Villa (Steeles and Woodbine) would be my second choice for both an excellent meal and a nice, bright room.

    Downtown, there really isn't much to choose from. You could try and see if Asian Legend is open.

    Casa Imperial
    4125 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1W 3T4, CA

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      Thatcher, thanks...I don't have a car, which is why I need a place by the subway lines. I've filed your response just in case my relatives (with a car) spend Xmas with us.

      1. re: Dean Tudor

        Then either Asian Legend or Pearl Chinese Restaurant (2nd floor, Queens Quay) would be your best bets.

        Asian Legend is smaller and hipper. Louder. Tighter. More in and out. Think sharp angles and concrete.

        Pearl is older, more old school "fine dining" style. A good meal, however, in a decent room, with a nice view. It would be a good place for Xmas, especially if it was a mixed age crowd.