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Oct 31, 2009 01:14 PM

Uses for Vintage Glass Jelly/Jello Moulds?

I am inexplicably drawn to old glass jelly moulds in second hand shops, and a fortuitous (or not so fortuitous, as my SO sees it) market trawl today saw me purchasing two new ones, bringing my collection to four.

One can claim to be useful, two are just a coincidence, but four - four is officially a Collection. And I am avowedly against tchotchkes and useless hoarding of arbitrary paraphernalia, so I need to widen my culinary range to utilise the four gorgeous tchotchke-candidates sitting on the kitchen shelf.

I usually use my two old moulds for home made jelly (jello in American-speak), or yoghurt pannacotta. My two attempts at blancmange have resulted in a horrible glutinous split mess, and I find that creme caramel tends to lose the beautiful definition of the mould when unmoulded.

Any other suggestions on what to make with moulds? Mine range from 600ml through to 300ml (20-10 fluid oz), three are oval and one round, all have lovely flutes and detailing, and are made from thick, clear, ovenproof glass.

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  1. Oven proof? Good on! You can line them with puff pastry, bake, then fill with a home made chicken liver pate,allow to set in refrigerator, then unmold onto a serving plate for a party. You can also butter them, then pack them tightly with a rice pilaf and unmold onto a serving plate as a side dish. Great with kebabs or stea or anything, for that matter. Both puff pastry and "pie dough" work well with the pate and they make a great addition to a holiday buffet.