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Oct 31, 2009 12:48 PM

Places missing from "Manage Your Links" search

This place doesn't show up in the "Manage Your Links" search:

I came across another the other day, I'll post it if I can remember.

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  1. Even though the google map seems to be correct, maybe the links search thinks it's in Canada due to the state abbreviated as "Ca" instead of CA.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I just set the zip and state, so if that's the case, it should work after whatever interval it takes for changes to be rolled out to the search.

      1. Good day,
        Can some one help to create a hyperlink text. I have found this different in Chow

          1. re: rosetown

            One more:
            Edmonton, , CA

            Chowhound has recently changed it's record creation for Canadian entries. It used to automatically create the 1st 3 letter/number of the Canadian postal code in the Zip Code Field - eg. A0A - It no longer does that - I have no idea if this has any relevance.

            The records do show if I search by cuisine or neighborhood.

            1. re: rosetown

              Ever get the feeling that you are talking to yourself? :(

              In the absence of chow guidance, and for the benefit of others, I believe I've determined the following:

              1/ My past working practice was'Restaurant Name' 'Address, Calgary, , CA' This practice no longer works when managing links.

              2/ I've since created a number of records using Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver without the ', ,CA' and managing links works.

              Chow - what should I do with the above records?
              1/ Create duplicates
              2/ Have Chow delete the above listings and then I'll create new ones.
              3/ Wait for Chow to make the above records work in 'managing links'
              4/ or something else

              1. re: rosetown

                Hi rosetown - thank you for reporting the issue, we are investigating the bug and will post back when we have resolved the issue. In the meantime - creating duplicates isn't recommended. As soon as the bug is resolved the restaurants you have added will appear. Thanks for your patience.

                1. re: CHOW HQ

                  As of this moment, none of the links to place records that have been added to the database in approximately the last month work, regardless how they were created, ie, Calgary, , CA, Calgary AB, or Calgary. All older records link except when recent changes have been made to the older records or when the older records are marked as duplicates. Then they no longer link.

                  I have had occasions in the last 2 days where linking worked immediately but about 5 minutes later the records no longer showed in manage your links.

                  Thanks for your attention.