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Oct 31, 2009 12:36 PM

Jamon Iberico/Jamon Serrano in Philly

Looking to purchase for home consumption. Aside from DiBruno Bros, where can I find this in Philly?

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  1. Aside from restaurants, I've never seen it anywhere other than DiBruno's.

    1. Claudio's has jamon serrano, but not jamon iberico.

      1. If you are going to head down to the Italian Market it is worth checking out D'Angelo Brothers butcher shop. I don't know if they have either jamons, but I remember they were selling duck prosciutto for close to half the price of DiBruno.

        BTW, what is the problem with DiBruno?

        1. Downtown Cheese in the RTM has had Serrano

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            Yesterday Downtown Cheese in the RTM had Iberico (tho not on the bone)

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              Did you notice how much it cost?

          2. This may seem like an elitist post, but l am an elitist. Here in Europe Iberico is ALWAYS hand cut off the bone. In USA with one exception l know of, even where l used to work, the ham comes in boneless and is generally done on slicer. The difference is night and day, especially for the iberico, or otherwise known black foot Jabuga. This product is available, or was a few months ago , as Despana in NY on the bone, put in a cradle, and sliced by hand to order;. One store is in Soho. Serrano is a lesser product, by no means bad and has been coming in the country for some time. It, like prosciutto does not have the same curing or something for the fat of a properly cut slice of Jabuga is better than any other ham of that style ever had. At ham fairs here in France, they sell a myriad of hams on bone, whole or will slice, pushing good hams, as French Bayonne and French
            Pyrenees hams and they are excellent, but last night at a fussy affair they had a man slicing Jabuga here in Paris and it stopped people, including me dead in their tracks, it was so over the top wonderful. Try Despana, hopefully they still have it. If not perhaps our government has yet again tried to protect us from ourselves.

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            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Thanks for that information - it's actually very interesting. I would not have considered that about a ham.

              I'm generally glad to find it at all though. It's kind of fun to know it can actually be better, and I look forward to testing the difference when I am able to head back to Europe, but for now I can still enjoy the product as I AM able to find it.

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                That's jabugo, Mr. Elitist, not "jabuga" and the word refers to the pig not the ham so it's still jamon (de jabugo). You won't find it sliced off the bone anywhere around here. It's a pain to do it and most counter staff wouldn't have the skill with a knife even if a shop wanted to take the time. The iberico/jabugo you can buy here was cured on the bone, deboned and then shrink-wrapped. It's the same basic thing, just not in it's optimal state. That said, decent jamon iberico sliced from a de-boned hame is better than a "great" example of most other hams so don't feel bad about the iberico products you'll get at DiBrunos.
                Whoops, sorry, it looks like there are French references to jabuga - but in several trips to Spain I have only seeit spelled Jabugo there. Strange.

                1. re: caganer

                  I'm pretty sure I saw them slicing prosciutto di parma off the bone at DiBruno on 9th St a while ago. I don't know if that is more common, and I think they used a slicer.